AIG Auto Insurance Reviews

aig auto insurance reviews

If you’re looking for luxury vehicle insurance or specific types of coverage, AIG Auto Insurance may be a provider to consider.

One similar factor of many AIG Auto Insurance reviews is that the company has been under intense scrutiny in the past and has suffered a financial meltdown. With that said, they have since developed a stronger backing and offers a few types of insurance for homeowners with minimal offers for drivers.

About AIG Auto Insurance

About AIG Auto Insurance was established in Shanghai, China in 1919 under the name American Asiatic Underwriters. By 1926, they rebranded to American International Underwriters Corporation, and finally, American International Group in 1967.

In the early 2000s, AIG was one of the largest auto insurance providers, but they came under scrutiny by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), which ended with fines and criminal charges. Eight years later, the company then found themselves needing the largest bailout package from the United States government to a private company.

However, in 2012, AIG’s stock rose significantly, and they were able to gain better financial stability. They currently offer non-traditional auto insurance, which means that they may not be the best choice for every driver.

AIG Auto Insurance Coverage Options

As mentioned, AIG themselves don’t offer traditional forms of auto insurance, so you likely won’t be able to get the coverage you need from them. You can find luxury car insurance, however, through their Private Client Group.

For traditional insurance, you’ll want to look at 21st Century Insurance or Farmers Auto Insurance, which is the company they sold their traditional auto insurance branch to.

Private Client Group

Before getting into the details of the insurance coverage they offer, it’s important to note that most drivers won’t qualify for the program and thus, not qualify for car insurance.

According to AIG, this private collection of individuals comprise up to 40% of the wealthiest Americans, based on the findings of Forbes. All of the insurance packages available are designed for the extremely wealthy, especially as they offer up to $100 million in liability coverage.

21st Century Insurance

With 21st Century Insurance, you can get all of the basic coverage you would expect from an insurance provider. This includes:

  • Property damage liability
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Underinsured motorist
  • Uninsured motorist
  • Medical
  • Bodily injury

Benefits of AIG Auto Insurance Policies

Now that you are aware of the complications surrounding AIG Auto Insurance, it’s time to discuss the benefits they bring to the table. When you opt for their luxury car insurance, you’ll be offered a few key benefits, including:

High Liability Limits

As it’s likely that your vehicle is quite an investment, you’ll want to ensure you have the perfect level of coverage to protect it from an accident. With the high liability limits of one million dollars on your auto insurance policy, you’ll be able to rest assured that you’ll be covered in every instance.

New Vehicle Replacement

There is limited information on the vehicle replacement program offered through AIG. However, based on other insurance companies, your car will need to be at least four years of age or younger.

In addition, to qualify, the damage to your vehicle will need to exceed the overall cost of the vehicle. If you meet this criterion and your car is declared a total loss, you will receive a replacement vehicle as a result of an accident.

Multiple Car Discounts

The more drivers you have assigned to your policy under the same residential address can help you to save on your premiums. There isn’t a percentage specified on the website, but it’s likely five to 10 percent in savings.

Policy Bundling

As AIG Auto Insurance has multiple types of insurance to choose from, including homeowners insurance and life insurance, it’s a one-stop-shop for your insurance needs. By bundling your policies together, you will be able to save on your premiums.

Worldwide Coverage

Regardless of where you travel to, you will have blanket insurance coverage to ensure you are protected. Worldwide coverage typically isn’t available from most insurance providers, which is ideal for many.

Pet Coverage

If you happen to have a pet in the vehicle at the time of an accident, your insurance policy will help to cover their veterinary bills. With the help of this coverage, you can make sure every passenger in your vehicle is protected. This is also becoming far more common among many other insurance providers.

Agreed-Value Coverage

When you determine the value of your vehicle with the insurance provider, you get the agreed-upon value reimbursed regardless of depreciation if you are in an accident. This is a fantastic addition to a policy if you have purchased a new vehicle. However, it is important to note that most agencies that offer this add-on require your vehicle to be four years of age or younger.

Cons of AIG Auto Insurance Policies

It’s easy to see how AIG Auto Insurance is one of the better options for high-end drivers searching for luxurious insurance to cover their every need. With that said, there are a few disadvantages to the everyday driver you’ll need to consider.


If you are interested in the Private Client Group coverage, you will need to submit a lot of private information to have your application assessed. Unless you meet the financial requirements laid out for the group, you won’t qualify for this type of coverage. The eligibility requirements are very strenuous and do not apply to the vast majority of residents in the United States.

Limited Coverage

Considering AIG Auto Insurance provides luxurious insurance, they lack in all of the areas where it matters the most, such as traditional auto insurance. You’re far better off opting for an alternative insurance provider.

High Premiums

Although it may seem advantageous to have high liability limits, such as one million for liability claims and $100 million for umbrella liability, you’re also going to be paying supremely high premiums.

AIG Auto Insurance Reviews: Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, most AIG Auto Insurance reviews find that this isn’t the best insurance company for every driver unless you meet a variety of specific financial characteristics.

Designed for the wealthiest drivers in the United States, there are far more affordable insurance providers to take under advisement when you’re looking for insurance. Also, there aren’t many special offerings that you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere.

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