Allstate Auto Insurance Reviews

Allstate Auto Insurance Reviews

Founded in 1931, Allstate is currently the largest publicly held insurance company in the United States, covering almost 20 percent of the American auto insurance market. In 1993, the company chose to go public, which saw the number of their total assets soar.

In addition to carrying auto insurance, clients can also turn to Allstate for renter’s insurance, comprehensive home coverage, and life insurance among other types of policies. However, today, we are only going to focus on auto insurance.

This article is among the many Allstate auto insurance reviews that you will find online. It aims to help you make a well-informed decision as to whether or not what this company offers matches your needs and preferences.

What Does Allstate Offer?

Allstate prides itself on offering providing policies that are truly customized to the needs of each driver. In addition to collision coverage and comprehensive plans, other awesome features of Allstate policies include:

  • Classic Car Coverage

Drivers who own classic cars are eligible for this type of coverage, which is customized to the condition and age of their classic vehicle.

  • Ridesharing Coverage

For as low as only $20 per year, Allstate offers ride-share coverage for Uber and Lyft drivers.

  • Liability Coverage

Any expenses related to damage, injury, or death when you are at fault is covered.

  • Medical Payments Coverage

Any medical expenses incurred as a result of an injury sustained in an accident, for you or your passengers, are covered. What’s more is that this provision also extends to funeral expenses.

  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

Coverage is also available for incidents involving an uninsured or underinsured driver who is at fault.

  • Rental Coverage

Costs of renting a car are also covered while you are waiting for repairs to be completed on your vehicle.

  • Sound System Insurance

If your sound or video system is damaged or stolen, the costs of repair or replacement are covered.

  • Roadside Coverage

Allstate covers the costs associated with any emergencies that you experience while on the road, including flat tires and dead batteries.

  • Personal Injury

Coverage is provided for any injury you sustain when involved in a collision.

  • Property Protection Coverage

Costs for repair to a third-party’s property are also covered as long as the damage was not intentional.

  • Personal Umbrella Policy

This add-on offers extra coverage that goes above and beyond your existing limits.

In addition to the features listed above, Allstate also has two programs meant to make things easier for their clients. The first is Drivewise, a program that provides drivers with feedback about their performance on the road. Clients who opt to participate see reductions in rates and premiums.

Allstate also has an auto insurance program specifically designed for teenaged drivers, which includes support and educational tools for new drivers and their families.

Customer Satisfaction

According to Allstate auto insurance reviews, Allstate is frequently one of the top-rated insurance providers when it comes to customer satisfaction. By offering a wide range of policies, discounts, and an easy claims process, clients find it easy to work with Allstate for all auto insurance needs.

Customers leaving Allstate auto insurance reviews frequently report that their needs are being met, obtaining new policies is easy, and working with Allstate agents is not at all stressful. Call center representatives were given a four out of five on customer interaction, one of the highest ratings noted in that category.

Claims Process

Allstate customers can opt to make their claims online, with the assistance of AI, or over the phone supported by a live agent. This helps make the claims process easy for all clients, regardless of interaction preferences.

All claims, including those filed over the phone as well as those filed online, can be tracked, giving claimants some peace of mind. Once the claim is filed, clients are matched with an investigator who evaluates the situation, reviews any estimates, and concludes the claim.

Company Stability

Three of the top insurance research and review agencies have given Allstate high financial strength rewards, including J.D. Power and Associates. This strong rating should give customers who are about to purchase insurance from a publicly traded company some comfort.

While Allstate does focus on revenue much like any other business, a bigger push is customer service and policy offerings. By giving clients what they need from an insurance agency, Allstate has solidified its spot as one of the most reliable, and stable insurance companies in the country.

Value for Price

Allstate offers its clients a lot of value and affordable policies. Clients can benefit from excellent customer service, fast claims processing time, and access to easy 24/7 filing. A wide range of policy options and features are also offered.

As a result, clients are able to put together plans that provide the necessary coverage without being required to pay for unnecessary items.

Additionally, the Allstate’s Drivewise app also adds a ton of value to any policy. By reviewing your driving performance, it can help you be safer on the road, thus cutting down the number of collisions you are involved in. Safe drivers can earn points towards discounts on their insurance premiums as well as other product purchases.

Who Is Allstate Best for?

Allstate insurance plans are ideal for a wide variety of drivers, including young professionals and retirees. However, it shines the most when used with families.

Thanks to the teen driving program, the Drivewise app, and the ability to bundle a number of policies and plans together, Allstate is an ideal insurance provider for parents with children.

What to Look Out for

There isn’t much that consumers need to be on the lookout for when purchasing Allstate policies. The National Insurance Commissioner reported that the volume of complaints against Allstate fell way below industry norms. For example, in 2017, Allstate only received two complaints.

Since insurance laws vary from state to state, potential policy purchasers should take the time to speak with a live agent. Getting insurance advice tailored to your needs and location ensures that you have all the required coverage and are not accidentally circumventing local or state laws.

Additionally, not all policies are offered in each state. This is all the more reason why it is worth speaking with an agent to find out more about features and availability.


Allstate is one of the nation’s most recognizable insurance providers, and for good reasons. The company has excellent customer service ratings, very few complaints registered against it, and an easy-to-use claims processing system.

Anyone who is looking for comprehensive coverage and easy-to-access customer service lines should strongly consider Allstate.

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  1. Allstate falsely discredits your claim.
    I made a valid claim on renter’s insurance policy bought from Allstate. Allstate claims representative, Mr. Kirkner, yelled at me over phone that the security deposit is never returned to the renter and that I bought the lowest premium renter’s insurance from Allstate. He completely discredited the Allstate product on the phone and took no responsibility. He never contacted the land lord or the property manager to get any more information. Now this claim, as a risky claim, is on my credit report forever. I can no longer obtain any renter’s insurance or homeowner’s insurance. How can I be a risky applicant if I am sent a proper written document by the property manager at the time of the move-out? The Homeowner Association, landlord and the property manager reported a written incidence of damage and have held $950 from me and this is the amount I paid from my pocket. The fact that All State couldn’t do its job by saying that a working number of the landlord and the property manager didn’t get them connected, has nothing to do with my being risky. It’s just gross incompetence of their team.

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