American Commerce Auto Insurance Review

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In this American Commerce Auto Insurance review, we’ll discuss how this provider brings a different approach to car insurance to the market.

As one of the five various subsidiaries selling insurance under the brand name MAPFRE, American Commerce has a stable financial outlook and plenty of customers.

MAPFRE, as a whole, offers insurance to millions of clients in up to 43 countries.

About American Commerce Auto Insurance

American Commerce was founded in 1946 in Massachusetts, and they are one of the largest insurance agencies in the state.

They have since been acquired by MAPFRE, and provide auto insurance under that name.

They have an assortment of forward-thinking products, such as multiple discounts and value programs for their insured to take advantage of.

You’ll also find their DriveAdvisor app to be quite useful if you’re interested in cutting back on the costs associated with your insurance premiums, as we’ll discuss below.

American Commerce Quote Online

Getting a quote with American Commerce is more accessible than with other insurance companies since they have an easy-to-follow online wizard that you can use to obtain a quote.

You will be required to provide your state, as well as your mailing address, and other information about your vehicle.

Once you have input all of the details, they will provide you with a quote that you can use to compare to other providers in your area.

If you would prefer to talk to an insurance agent to get a quote instead of doing so online, you can contact (844) 884-0850 for personal assistance.

The Pros

The size of American Commerce or MAPFRE is what makes it as notable as it is since they not only provide coverage throughout the USA but in Spain as well.

Due to their size, they are projected to have a substantially positive financial outlook, so processing claims should be a relatively simple process.

Also, the more financially secure an insurance provider is, the more you’re likely to get reimbursed from an accident.

Another advantage of having a policy with this company is that they have an abundance of discounts for you to take advantage of if you qualify.

While you go through the quoting process, you’ll input your personal information, which will then let you know what discounts you could be eligible for.

Several examples of their most popular ways to save include:

  • AAA Member Discounts
  • Shop Smart Credit
  • Good Student Discount
  • Paid-in-Full Discount
  • Annual Mileage Discount
  • Smart Driver Discount
  • Multi-Car Discount

If you’re interested in even more ways to cut the costs of your insurance premiums, it’s highly recommended you consider their value programs.

Although they don’t give you an immediate percentage off of your policy, they can become incredibly useful in the future.

Programs such as Accident Forgiveness, Car EZ, and Auto Glass Repair allow you to keep your car in its best condition even after an accident.

What Customers Think of American Commerce

The consensus about American Commerce Auto Insurance or MAPFRE is incredibly popular, especially if you were to consider the reviews from other top tier underwriters.

Many customers have found that their policy prices are quite low when compared to other providers, and they have a very professional team of agents readily available to assist you.

Another huge benefit is that they are quite active on social media, assisting customers with their questions and concerns directly.

Most clients have suggested that if they have had any questions or concerns, getting in touch with an agent has been quite simple.

Also, their team of professionals are very knowledgeable and understand the ins and outs of your policy to help find a resolution as quickly as possible. You’ll even find that getting a quote over the phone is just as convenient as using the online tool to do it yourself.

Who Will Benefit the Most from American Commerce

American Commerce appears to be a standard insurance provider, meaning those with clean driving records are bound to experience the most benefits from what they have to offer.

The company may also provide policies to non-standard drivers, though you might find your premiums are higher than with companies that provide specialty insurance.

If you’re a good driver looking for affordable rates, this could be one of the better options for you.

Also, drivers who prefer to have a lot of technological features at their disposal will appreciate the tools that MAPFRE has, especially the DriveAdvisor app.

By downloading the mobile application, it will track your driving behaviors, which can then assist you with getting discounts based on a variety of telematics.

You might also find that this app can help new drivers adhere to stricter rules while in the car to help them become safer drivers.

Things to Think About

Most of the things you’re bound to find about American Commerce will be positive, though there are a couple of concerns to take under advisement.

First, some drivers have noted that if they are in a total loss accident, getting their claim processed takes longer than they had expected.

However, since total loss accidents have a lot of moving pieces involved, it is likely they will take longer with any insurance provider.

Other clients have suggested that when receiving their payout for an accident, it was substantially less than what they had expected.

Again, it is essential to confirm the amount you will receive from an accident with your insurance agent so there won’t be any surprises.

How to Contact American Commerce Auto Insurance

When you visit the contact page for American Commerce Auto Insurance, you will need to select your state to find the correct information to get in touch with a representative in your area.

To get in touch with American Commerce directly, you will want to call (877) 224-5677, which appears to be the standard number across the USA.

If you would prefer to talk to MAPFRE, you can call the worldwide phone number (877) MAPFRE1.

If you would prefer to talk to a customer service agent via email, you can reach out to their social media team at

American Commerce Auto Insurance Review: Final Thoughts

Getting insurance can be tough, especially if you want a good policy that fits within your budget.

Throughout this American Commerce Auto Insurance review, you can see why they are one of the top lenders in Massachusetts and a variety of other states across the country.

With affordable policies and several discounts, this standard insurance provider could be exactly who you need.

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