Auto Owners Car Insurance Reviews

auto owners car insurance reviews

Auto Owners car insurance reviews are vastly positive and for good reasons. As one of the best insurance companies in terms of customer service and accessibility, they have a multitude of policy options for prospective policyholders.

If you’re on the hunt for an insurance company that takes your needs into account and helps you to establish the perfect package, Auto Owners Car Insurance is one of the best options to consider.

About Auto Owners Car Insurance

Offering insurance in 26 states in the United States, Auto Owners Car Insurance has one of the best ratings out of all insurance companies, especially in terms of customer service. They have a multitude of discounts that can assist you with saving on your policy, and you will always be in touch with a knowledgeable and respectable insurance agent.

Auto Owners is also a Fortune 500 company, which is ideal for someone looking for a reputable company to work with. Designed to make getting the perfect amount of insurance simpler, choosing one of their policies is a great idea for most drivers.

One thing to be said about them is that policyholders will have a one-on-one relationship with their insurance agent. This is what makes them ideal for drivers who want to deal with one person for all of their insurance needs, instead of an entire team.

Auto Owners Car Insurance Coverage Options

Luckily, there is plenty of information about the different types of coverage you can choose from on the company’s website, which is relatively unheard of for most insurance providers. The types of coverage available from Auto Owners include:


When involved in an accident, you’ll need collision coverage to help with the costs of replacing or repairing your vehicle.


This type of coverage pays for damage to your vehicle caused by issues outside of an accident, such as theft, animal accidents, vandalism, weather, fire, and more.

Bodily Injury and Property Damage

BI and PD coverage is highly recommended for accidents where there is damage or injury to others. This coverage also helps to pay for legal representation if you find that another driver is suing you.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist

It’s too much of a risk to trust other drivers on the road to have insurance. With under and uninsured motorist coverage, the provider will pay in the event of death, damage, or injury stemming from an accident with a driver with no or lacking insurance.

Medical and Personal Injury Protection

With the combination of these two elements, hospital stays, rehabilitation, and other medical issues will be covered for the insured driver or their passengers.

Gap Insurance

As soon as you take your vehicle off the lot, you’re liable for the difference between the vehicle’s current value and the amount owed on your lease. Gap coverage helps to pay the difference if your vehicle is irreparably damaged.

Diminished Value

Over time, your vehicle will lose its value, and in an accident, it might not be worth as much as it once was. With diminished value coverage, you’re compensated for any reduction in value if your vehicle is declared a total loss.

Benefits of Auto Owners Car Insurance Policies

The benefits of having a policy with Auto Owners Car Insurance far outweigh any negatives, which is why they are as popular as they are. Several of the most notable benefits of having a policy with this provider include:

Personal Automobile Plus Package

With this package, drivers will have coverage in areas outside of being in an accident. It helps to cover up to 10 additional things, such as identity theft, needing to have your locks rekeyed, replacing your smartphone, and more.

Payment Discounts

If you are someone who has paid his or her policy on time for 36 consecutive months, you could be eligible for a discount on your policy. You’ll also be able to save if you pay for your premium in full on the date of signing your policy.

As an added advantage, if you opt to receive paperless billing, you can also qualify for savings.

Student Discounts

Students will have three different discounts they may be eligible to receive, including good student, student away, and teen driver monitoring discounts.

With the good student discount, you can get up to 20% off of your premium if you maintain a “B” average or higher. Student away discounts are given to drivers who go to school 100 miles away from home without a vehicle.

The third coverage is more technical, as it requires the installation of a permanently installed GPS system in the vehicle. When installed, the GPS will monitor distance traveled, which could help you to save on your policy.

TrueRide App

When you install the TrueRide app on your smartphone, you’ll immediately receive a discount simply for enrolling. Once activated, the app will monitor your driving behavior in real-time and will track your mileage, driving habits, and other information about your trip.

Depending on how you drive, you will receive a score that your insurance agent can use to give you up to 35% in savings.

Satisfactory Claims Process

Many policyholders found that the claims process with Auto Owners is relatively simple, as there are over 100 claims offices in the 26 states they service. Local agents will handle the claims personally, so you’ll find your processing times will be substantially less than with other providers.

Cons of Auto Owners Car Insurance Policies

With as many advantages as this insurance company offers, there is one disadvantage to note, which is:

Limited Online Availability

When it comes to getting information about quotes and questions, you will have to call their offices or your independent agent to get answers. Compared to other insurance companies that have live chat features on their website, this process isn’t as convenient.

In addition, there isn’t an online quote system, which can be slightly time-consuming.

Another important disadvantage to having fewer features on their website is the inability to file a claim online. You can monitor any updates to your claim through your online account, but filing one will require an in-person visit or a phone call.

Auto Owners Car Insurance Reviews: Final Thoughts

Overall, Auto Owners Car Insurance reviews are strikingly positive as they have multiple discounts for all types of drivers. Also, they cover basic insurance needs as well as a couple of additional features you aren’t likely to find from other providers.

With a more personalized and simple approach to car insurance, Auto Owners Car Insurance is indeed one of the best insurance providers on the market.

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