Direct Auto Insurance Review

direct auto insurance reviews

Ideal for drivers searching for customized policies, Direct Auto Insurance reviews suggest they may have more add-ons and options than most other providers.

With a three-step process that helps you to get a quote and sign up for a policy, getting auto insurance has never been simpler.

As one of the most popular providers in the Southeast USA, Direct Auto is said to have a comprehensive list of products for high-risk and safe drivers alike.

About Direct Auto Insurance

It’s important to note that the majority of clients that sign with Direct Auto are those who have less-than-perfect driving records.

Referred to as a nonstandard insurance provider, if you have ever been in an accident or have multiple traffic infractions on your record, you will likely be able to get insurance with this provider.

However, this doesn’t mean they don’t also have plenty of benefits for standard drivers.

As mentioned, this company offers their products within the Southeast USA, which includes Alabama, Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, Missouri, Louisiana, Virginia, Texas, Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee.

Online Quote

Getting an online quote from Direct is one of the main things you can appreciate, as the process is incredibly simple, like some of the more prominent tier insurance providers.

On the homepage of their website, you enter your zip code to be taken to the online form that allows you to input the necessary information.

You have to provide details such as how many vehicles you want to insure, how many drivers you wish to insure, and then select the discounts that you may be applicable for.

An alternative to using the online quoting system is to contact their customer service team either by chat or to request a call at your convenience.

Both of these features are accessible at the top right-hand corner of the online quote form.

The Pros

Standard and nonstandard drivers alike may benefit significantly from the number of advantages this provider has to offer.

A few of the most notable features of Direct Auto Insurance include:

1. Discounts

For the most affordable policy possible, you will always want to look into the discounts that you can get your hands on.

Fortunately, Direct is very transparent with the savings they offer, and some of their most popular discounts include:

  • Good student: Up to 10%
  • Low mileage: Up to 5%
  • Military: Up to 25%
  • Safe driver: Up to 10%
  • Policy bundling: Up to 5%
  • Provider switching: Up to 25%
  • Renewal: Up to 20%

What Customers Think of Direct Auto Insurance

Many customers have found their policies are easy to customize and help to cover the essential aspects of being on the road.

You’ll have a far more personalized experience when setting up your package, primarily as each customer is assigned a “Life Coach”.

Your Life Coach will take you through the application process step-by-step to make sure you have everything you need in your policy, which helps to take the hassle out of getting insurance.

Another fantastic feature of Direct Auto is that they give their policyholders access to the innovative DirectDrive App.

This application provides you with a digital form of your identification as well as your insurance policy if you happen to get pulled over.

The most significant concern customers have with this provider is their unwillingness to pay out claims, though this may differ depending on your situation.

There have been numerous complaints about claims being denied and policies being canceled without any prior discussions.

You may also find it incredibly difficult to wait for approved claims to be processed, causing you to have to pay for damages out of pocket until reimbursed several months later.

Who Will Benefit the Most

As you can likely tell, high-risk drivers will benefit the most from Direct since they have an extensive collection of coverage options priced competitively for your needs.

Safe drivers looking for affordable policies may want to consider an alternative insurer, especially since there aren’t too many unique discounts that you won’t be able to find elsewhere.

If you have a clean driving record, you are likely to find a more prominent insurance company that will give you a more affordable policy.

Things to Think About

As with any insurance company, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

With that said, there are several things to think about with Direct Auto Insurance, including:

1. Below Average Customer Service

Signing up for your policy is simple, especially with the help of your Life Coach, though once you become a policyholder, you may experience poor customer service.

The majority of complaints about this provider pertain to their slow claims processing, as well as difficulty getting assistance when you require claim filing.

After an accident, you could be in a position where you have to contact your provider to get information continually.

2. No Online Claims

Although Direct Auto provides numerous online features such as access to your policy and their mobile app, you can only complete the claims process over the phone.

This step can be quite tricky, as you have to contact the company during certain hours and wait to be helped by an associate.

With that said, all of the information about filing a claim can easily be found on their website, so you know what data you will need on-hand when you place your call.

How to Contact

Fortunately, there are numerous ways for you to get in touch with Direct Auto Insurance.

If you prefer to use their online tools, you can visit the Frequently Asked Questions page or email their customer service team directly.

They also have a toll free customer service number (1-877-463-4732) that connects you to their team for an inquiry or to receive a quote.

For prospective and current policyholders who would prefer to meet with an insurance agent face-to-face, you can find a Direct location near you and book an appointment.

Direct Auto Insurance Reviews: Final Thoughts

Direct Auto Insurance reviews suggest that they are a useful insurer for individuals who have poor driving records, but not ideal for standard drivers.

With customizable policies, nonstandard drivers can finally have a system that covers them in full without being too expensive, compared to other providers.

They also have numerous discounts to help you cut back on the costs of owning and operating a vehicle.


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