Direct General Auto Insurance Reviews

Direct Auto Insurance Reviews

The most noticeable trait of Direct Auto Insurance is that they have a wide assortment of automotive insurance policies. They are also one of the easiest providers to use if you are looking for customizable policies that fit your budget and your needs.

Recommended for people who are interested in insurance providers that work with high-risk drivers, it’s a popular insurance company in the southeast.

About Direct Auto Insurance (Direct General Auto Insurance)

There are two main types of insurance providers: those who work with standard and nonstandard drivers. Direct Auto is a company that focuses primarily on nonstandard drivers who may have a less-than-perfect driving history.

It’s likely you’ll want to consider them as your provider if you find it difficult to find coverage with alternative companies. The vast majority of states this provider covers are found in the southeast, and they include Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Virginia, and Louisiana.

Direct Auto makes it simple to customize your policy but doesn’t offer any unique or innovative types of coverage. They typically offer everything that any other insurance provider would have.

Direct Auto Insurance Coverage Options

The first thing to take note of when you start shopping for insurance is the coverage options they have available. As mentioned, Direct Auto carries most of the same policies as other traditional insurance providers, such as:

  • Comprehensive Coverage

Designed to protect your vehicle against vandalism, natural disasters, and theft, comprehensive coverage is essential for damage protection on and off the road.

  • Collision Coverage

In an accident where there is damage to your vehicle, or if you happen to hit another vehicle, your collision coverage will kick in to save the day.

  • Property Damage Liability

This is ideal for protecting you if you happen to damage another person’s property with your vehicle.

  • Bodily Injury Liability

This coverage provides protection if you get into an accident where another person may be injured.

  • Medical Payments

As an optional form of coverage, medical payments are ideal for covering additional medical bills beyond the offerings from your health insurance.

  • Personal Injury Protection

PIP coverage is recommended for accidents when you and/or your passengers are injured. It will cover both medical bills and indirect costs, including lost wages.

  • Uninsured Motorist

If you get into an accident with another driver who does not have insurance, your uninsured motorist coverage will kick in and pay for related expenses.

  • Towing, Labor, and Rental Reimbursement

For vehicles that need to be towed or repaired, you will be financially covered for all work done. In addition, if you need to rent a vehicle while yours is being repaired, you will be reimbursed the rental costs.

  • Accidental Death

This will pay either you or your beneficiary if there is accidental death or loss as a result of a car accident.

Benefits of Direct Auto Insurance Policies

Even though Direct Auto is the type of insurance provider that works primarily with high-risk drivers, they have numerous benefits that might entice you to become a policyholder.

The most notable benefits of this provider include:

  • Numerous Discounts

When compared to most other insurance providers, you’ll not only find that Direct Auto has more discounts but higher discounts as well. You’ll want to consider the following:

  • Military: Up to 25% in savings
  • Safe Driver: Up to 10% in savings
  • Good Student: Up to 10% in savings
  • Senior Citizen: Up to 5% in savings
  • Multi-Car: Up to 25% in savings
  • Mileage: Up to 5% in savings
  • Multi-Product (Insurance Bundling): Up to 5% in savings
  • Prior Coverage (Provider Switching): Up to 25% in savings
  • Homeowner: Up to 15% in savings
  • Renewal: Up to 20% in savings
  • Welcome Back: Up to 6% in savings
  • Affinity (Affiliation): Up to 5% in savings
  • Customizable and Flexible Payments

This is a huge benefit for someone who is looking for an insurance provider that will work with their budget. Being able to have full control over how much you pay monthly can help to make paying for insurance much simpler.

In addition, there are numerous ways that you can handle your bill, such as through their online portal, via text message, by mail, or in-person at over 400 Auto Direct offices.

  • Personalized Experience

It’s rare to find an insurance provider that works with you to create a personalized plan that suits your every need. With Direct Auto Insurance, you will be assigned a “life coach” that guides you through the entire application process. Choosing the perfect coverage will be easier with the help of a professional.

  • DirectDrive App

This is particularly beneficial for individuals who live in states where a digital form of ID is acceptable if you are ever pulled over. With the DirectDrive app, you will have access to all of your ID cards. In addition, you can review your car trips and monitor how you drive.

Cons of Direct Auto Insurance Policies

There aren’t too many disadvantages to opting for Direct Auto, especially when compared to most other nonstandard insurance providers. There are three main points to consider, which include:

  • Limited Availability

Unfortunately, not every driver across the United States will be able to benefit from the wide array of policy options this provider has to offer. As they only operate in 11 states, you’ll have to choose an alternate company if you live outside of the southeast.

  • Poor Customer Service

When it comes to processing claims and getting in touch with an agent after becoming a policyholder, Direct Auto fails substantially. You’ll notice there are multiple Direct Auto Insurance reviews pertaining to their poor customer service, which is a large downfall.

Their claims are processed slowly, and it’s difficult to get the assistance you need when in an accident, according to policyholders.

  • Phone-Only Claims

At this time, the only way that you can put through a claim is over the phone. This is standard for smaller insurance providers, though it can be quite an inconvenience, especially as it’s difficult to get in touch with a helpful insurance agent.

Direct Auto Insurance Reviews: Final Thoughts

All in all, Direct Auto is an above-average choice for someone who has found it difficult to find insurance through other providers. They can assist with SR-22 filings and are very likely to add you as a policyholder regardless of your driving history or credit score.

What’s more, they also make it simple to customize your policy based on your needs and budget, which is very beneficial.

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