Encompass Auto Insurance Review

encompass auto insurance review

Finding an Encompass Auto Insurance review is essential for finding the best possible car insurance in your area.

Based on your state requirements, it is of the utmost importance that you get a policy that not only covers you but gives you peace of mind, as well.

About Encompass Auto Insurance

The first thing you’re bound to notice with this insurance company is that they have an extensive collection of policy options that are available at competitive prices.

You may also have the ability to bundle different options to create the most comprehensive policy possible.

As a branch of Allstate founded in 2000, Encompass has over 2400 independent insurance agents for you to consider.

At this time, their policies are available in over 39 states, and the company holds a positive financial rating of A+ from A.M. Best’s scores.

With a positive financial outlook, you’ll have a better chance of getting your claims processed within a reasonable time frame compared to other insurance companies.

Online Quote

Similar to most other insurance providers, you have the opportunity to obtain a personal online quote from Encompass at any time.

All of the information you provide is kept confidential and will give you a clear idea of what rates you can expect depending on your driving history.

By visiting their website and submitting your information, an insurance agent will contact you to provide the information you requested.

Most interestingly, this feature isn’t singularly available for auto insurance since you can also get quotes for home insurance online.

The Pros

There are plenty of benefits to signing up for auto insurance with Encompass, especially since they have an extensive collection of discounts, such as:

1. Multiple Discounts

As mentioned, you may be eligible to receive plenty of savings, whether you are an existing or a new policyholder.

Some of their most notable discounts include safe driving, defensive driver, new car, anti-theft, and easy pay.

Another way to save on premiums is to bundle policies together if you also opt to sign up for homeowners’ insurance.

2. Three-Package Options

Apart from the standard offerings, which include bodily injury, property liability, collision, comprehensive, and personal injury protection, there are three additional packages to choose from.

Depending on your preferences and the insurance coverage you think you may need, you can easily choose between Special, Deluxe, and Elite.

Much like its name suggests, the Elite package has the most coverage outside of what is standard, making it an ideal option for drivers who love to have add-ons.

A few additional add-ons to consider are roadside assistance, new car replacement, accident forgiveness, and loan or lease gap coverage.

3. Specialty Insurance

It can be not very easy to find different types of insurance outside of home and auto, especially if you’re the owner of a specialty vehicle.

Fortunately, Encompass helps you make sure every vehicle in your name is covered, which includes motorcycles, boats, and recreational vehicles.

Also, you can bundle your specialty insurance with their ordinary auto plan for additional discounts.

4. Easy Pay

Ideal for drivers who find it stressful to remember to pay their monthly or annual premiums, there is the option of signing up for the Easy Pay program.

With this feature, your premiums will automatically be taken from your account on the agreed-upon date.

As a bonus, you can also obtain a discount on your payments by opting for automatic withdrawals.

What Customers Think

In general, customers are satisfied with the offerings from Encompass Auto Insurance, especially compared to the other insurance companies they were with before.

When you submit an online quote or visit an independent agent in person, they explain the coverage well so that you know what is included in your policy.

Also, their agents will help you pick the most comprehensive coverage possible for the driving you do regularly.

All of their pricing is very transparent, as well, when you speak to an agent.

With this type of customer service, you can feel more comfortable with the insurance you have chosen.

You’ll also appreciate the number of billing options they have available, whether you intend to submit your payments manually or to set up automatic withdrawals.

Overall, the most significant benefit that policyholders experience is the vast array of coverage options that are far better than other lower-tier insurance providers.

With all of the standard offerings that you would expect in addition to their add-ons, you can truly make a custom policy that fits your every need.

Who Will Benefit the Most

Safe drivers are by far the demographic that will benefit the most from Encompass simply because you can qualify for several discounts to help make your premiums lower.

For example, if you are incident-free for 12 months, you’ll receive up to five percent off of your premiums.

You may also find that student drivers can benefit from their packages, especially if they are safe drivers and qualify for available student discounts.

If you have new teen drivers in your household, for example, and you opt for the Elite package, you may be eligible for unlimited accident forgiveness.

Another meaningful way for students to save is with the general “Good Student Discount“.

By maintaining a B average or better, drivers will be eligible to receive discounts of varying amounts.

Things to Think About

Although there are plenty of benefits to consider with Encompass Auto Insurance, there are a couple of doubts to watch for, as well, including:

1. Phone Quoting

If you’re looking for an insurance company that will give you a quote immediately or to your email inbox, this is not the provider to consider.

Fortunately, you can submit a quote online; however, you will be contacted by a representative to discuss your insurance needs in further detail.

Also, you may have to visit an independent agent in-person to sign up for auto insurance instead of the convenience of doing it all online.

2. Expensive General Rates

If you are not eligible for the many driving discounts they have to offer, you may be faced with paying more for your insurance than with other providers.

Encompass surely is competitive, but only amongst people with clean driving records, students, or those who have completed defensive driving courses.

How to Contact Encompass Auto Insurance

For drivers who have further questions about a potential policy, you will need to use their agency locator to find an agent in your area for any inquiries.

Individuals who are already policyholders can quickly contact their agent through the MyEncompass online portal.

In regards to making payments via mail, we highly recommend visiting their mailing address page to get more information about where to send all necessary documentation.

Encompass Auto Insurance Review: Final Thoughts

When you compare Encompass Auto Insurance review to other insurance companies, you’ll find there are a few distinct benefits to consider, including numerous discounts and bundling policies.

As a safe driver or someone who has taken the time to take driving courses, you can find substantially lower rates than with competitors.

Also, students may be eligible for many discounts to help make sure they are covered for an affordable cost.


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