Foremost Auto Insurance Review

foremost auto insurance reviews

Foremost Auto Insurance reviews are best for drivers searching for fantastic coverage and the convenience of managing their policy online.

As a provider that has both standard and collector’s auto insurance, you can surely find the right policy to cover you every step of the way.

Another exciting feature of this provider is they have competitive rates for drivers who have accidents on their record.

About Foremost Auto Insurance

The most prominent aspect of Foremost is that they claim to have policies and add-ons that other insurance providers don’t, making them a more comprehensive and convenient choice.

The company has over 60 years of experience in the insurance industry, and they certainly ensure that every driver has the opportunity to get the insurance they need.

With an assortment of policies for safe and high-risk drivers, you’ll surely appreciate how they treat every client with the same care and consideration.

Online Quote

When you want to obtain a quote, you first need to visit their “Get A Quote” page to input your zip code and the type of insurance you’re interested in.

Unfortunately, at this time, their auto insurance does not provide an immediate online quote; instead, you have to reach out to a local representative in your area.

Once connected to an insurance agent, they will walk you through the quoting process and make sure you’re adding everything you need to your prospective policy.

The Pros

There are several advantages to opting for this insurance company over others, especially if you’re the type of driver that loves flexible payment options and discounts.

Some of the most notable benefits of Foremost Auto Insurance include:

1. Learning Center Access

On the company’s website, once you have a policy, you are granted access to their online Learning Center.

This feature allows you to review current safety rules and laws in your area as well as helpful resources to assist you with improving your driving.

Considering the majority of their clients are individuals with poor driving records, the more information you have to become a safer driver, the lower your rates could be.

2. Discounts

Most of the ways that you can cut costs on your insurance with this provider are similar to other providers.

You’ll find they have several discounts available such as policy bundling, distance student, clean driving, and paid in full.

2. High-Risk Driver Support

It’s difficult enough to deal with the ramifications of being in an accident, so you’ll need an insurance company that understands what you’re going through.

Fortunately, Foremost Auto Insurance has a high tolerance for accidents and other traffic infractions that may appear on your record.

For drivers finding it difficult to get insured elsewhere, this provider is one of the better options.

What Customers Think of Foremost Auto Insurance

The cost of policies appears to be the most significant issue customers have with Foremost Auto Insurance, especially if you’re looking for competitive rates.

They make it easier to find insurance as a high-risk driver, but safe drivers are better suited elsewhere.

With most insurance companies that work with drivers with spotty records, their rates will be higher to help account for the risk they are taking on.

Many customers have noted that their rates nearly doubled after adding a young driver to their policy.

Others have suggested that their premiums have increased without any cause or explanation.

Another issue you may have is getting in touch with an insurance agent since you will likely have to leave several messages before getting a call in return.

Though this company is said to treat their customers equally, several policyholders are less than impressed with the quality of their assistance and the accessibility of a professional when needed.

Who Will Benefit the Most

If you’re a driver who has had multiple traffic infractions but maintains a good credit score, you’ll benefit the most from Foremost Auto Insurance.

It appears to be that they focus primarily on their high-risk drivers, rather than safe drivers, especially when it comes to the base rates for policies before getting any discounts or add-ons.

Also, you may want to consider this provider if you’re looking for specialty insurance for collectible vehicles since their rates may be lower than their competitors.

Things to Think About

Apart from the negative reviews from policyholders, there are a couple of other things to think about before signing up for a policy with Foremost Auto Insurance.

1. No Online Quotes

The convenience of having an online quoting system is unmatched in today’s society since it allows you to quickly compare rates within minutes instead of having to talk to an insurance agent.

Unfortunately, this company does not allow for online quotes, so their agents will likely try to sell you their insurance policies while on the phone.

2. Credit Scores Required

It’s easy to find coverage with this provider if you have a poor driving history; however, clients need to prove their financial stability before being accepted.

Although this is a practice with many insurance companies, it can be a hassle to provide a credit score every time you want to obtain a quote.

Even if you have an immaculate record, there’s a high probability you’ll be denied a policy if you have poor credit.

How to Contact Foremost Auto Insurance

The easiest way to get in contact with Foremost Auto Insurance is via phone, as their email system is open to all policyholders.

If you prefer to send emails, you have to fill out this form with your personal information and any inquiries you may have.

To speak with a representative about auto insurance, you need to call their customer service team at 1-888-888-0080.

For all other inquiries, you can use this contact information to assist with your auto insurance policy.

Foremost Auto Insurance Reviews: Final Thoughts

Most of the Foremost Auto Insurance reviews agree that as a safe driver, you can likely find more affordable and competitive rates elsewhere.

However, as a high-risk driver, this is one of the better agencies to consider since they have plenty of ways for you to find inexpensive rates compared to the big tier providers.

You may also find that Foremost has a couple of extra insurance add-ons that other popular providers don’t.

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