Freeway Auto Insurance Reviews

Freeway Auto Insurance Reviews

Insurance brokerages are incredibly popular, which is why there are plenty of Freeway Auto Insurance reviews you’ll find online.

As a company that is specifically designed to connect drivers to different insurance providers, you are likely to be faced with plenty of options. Overall, it’s difficult to determine if Freeway Auto Insurance is recommended for every driver.

Freeway Auto Insurance: A Detailed Look

Insurance brokers are highly useful for people who don’t have the time to spend looking for the perfect insurance agency. Their main job is to take all of your personal requirements into account and then help to connect you with a recommended insurance provider. Of course, this is all done for a fee.

As finding an insurance company is not only time-consuming but also rather confusing, there are many drivers who prefer to use brokerages. Many times, you may also gain access to exclusive discounts and savings through your broker, which can help to offset any fees.

The main concern that drivers have with Freeway Auto Insurance is that they are not always forthcoming with their hidden fees.

Whenever you work with any type of company, it is important to read the fine print and to obtain a copy of any agreement. This will give you a clear indication of the fees that are owed and any payments you are responsible for. In addition, it’s highly recommended you do research on the insurance agency you are being connected with.

What Type of Auto Insurance Is Available?

Because Freeway Auto Insurance is a broker, there are a wide variety of different types of auto insurance policies that you can opt for. The policies and add-ons you can choose from are dependent on the insurance agency you are referred to.

Each driver is unique and has a specific set of requirements for their insurance. For example, drivers with good credit and poor credit will qualify for certain insurance providers. There are over five different insurance companies that Freeway works with in order to get you the best possible rates.

The five insurance companies Freeway is known to work with include:

  • Empower Insurance
  • Mercury Insurance
  • Safeway Insurance
  • Western General Insurance
  • Multi-State Insurance

Within those insurance companies, you can expect to find plenty of types of coverage and add-ons including:

  • Empower Insurance: Collision, liability, uninsured, underinsured, SR-22, rental and towing, and more.
  • Mercury Insurance: Collision, comprehensive, liability, medical payments, ride-hailing, rental car, personal injury, and more.
  • Safeway Insurance: Comprehensive, collision, all perils, and specified perils.
  • Western General Insurance: Collision, liability, personal injury, and more.
  • Multi-State Insurance: Collision, comprehensive, liability, roadside assistance, and more.

It is also important to note that Freeway works to target markets that are traditionally underserved by some of the larger insurance providers. This includes drivers with poor credits, poor driving histories, or drivers who are primarily Spanish-speaking.

If any of these features apply to you, then this might be the type of service you should consider.

Freeway Auto Insurance Reviews from Customers

As a customer, it is quite simple to get the coverage you need through Freeway Auto Insurance. As each policy will be customized to meet your specifications, you likely won’t feel like your policy is lacking.

In addition, you will also appreciate the lower rates that you’ll receive from insurance providers compared to if you were to shop around on your own.


The main downside that customers noted about Freeway Auto Insurance is that there are additional fees associated with using their assistance. As they are a business that matches you to different insurance providers, there are fees to consider.

It is very important that you confirm all fees with the agent you are matched with before signing agreements. On average, people who have used or are currently using Freeway Auto Insurance have reported brokerage fees ranging from $145 to $293. The total amount you will be responsible for will depend on the policy you have chosen.

Customer Service

Customers have also noted that the customer service from Freeway Auto Insurance isn’t at par with what they would expect from a professional brokerage firm.

It can be difficult to get in touch with an agent, and if you have any questions, they may seem a little more difficult to have answered. They are currently located in over 12 states, which means that there isn’t a shortage of agents.


One aspect that customers appreciate is that Freeway Auto Insurance offers its very own roadside assistance plan, which is similar to what you would get from a regular insurance provider.

It includes benefits such as jump-starts, emergency towing, gas delivery, and lockout services. Unfortunately, this plan isn’t available to all drivers depending on the policy you choose and where you are located.

Is Freeway Auto Insurance Worth the Time?

Signing up with Freeway Auto Insurance may seem to be a little more difficult than anticipated at first, though their services can help you to gain access to valuable discounts. In addition, they do all of the legwork for you when choosing the perfect insurance policy. This is especially true for people who are primarily Spanish-speaking or who have a poor driving history.

If you’re someone with a great driving history and fantastic credit, you can easily compare quotes from different insurance providers on your own, particularly if you don’t have any special circumstances that might prevent you from signing with bigger insurance providers in your area.

As there are fees associated with using any brokerage firm, you will want to confirm the pricing prior to signing any agreements. The money owed to the broker will vary depending on the cost of the insurance policy you have chosen. However, if you have the time and patience to search for insurance on your own, you can save upwards of $200.

Final Thoughts

Freeway Auto Insurance helps to take most of the hassle out of comparing different insurance companies in order to find the most affordable package possible. Instead of having to do all of the work yourself, you can allow a specialized insurance brokerage to help.

By taking the time to read all of the fine print, looking at Freeway Auto Insurance reviews, and becoming aware of the fees you are responsible for, you can easily use their services to your advantage.

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