Gainsco Auto Insurance Reviews

gainsco auto insurance reviews

Instead of having multiple add-ons and unique features for their policies, Gainsco has what you would expect any insurance provider to have. Overall, Gainsco Auto Insurance reviews fall somewhere in the middle between outstanding and moderately negative.

Highly recommended for drivers who are looking for affordable and basic insurance, it’s one of the many providers that focus primarily on helping you to meet minimum insurance requirements.

About Gainsco Auto Insurance

Gainsco was founded in 1978 in Texas with their headquarters in Dallas. According to the company, they specialize in non-standard insurance that helps drivers to meet minimum limits for their personal vehicles. You’ll also find they offer investments, automotive sales, and support with auto racing.

Although they are headquartered in Texas, they also offer insurance throughout Arizona, Florida, Georgia, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Virginia. However, compared to other insurance agents, they aren’t as accessible, which can be inconvenient for out-of-state residents.

Gainsco Auto Insurance Coverage Options

As earlier mentioned, Gainsco is an insurance provider that works solely with bare minimums, so you aren’t likely to find an innovative type of coverage. Instead, they allow drivers to have just enough insurance to legally operate their vehicles.

With that said, the following types of coverage are available from this provider:

Bodily Injury Liability

When found at-fault in an accident, you will be responsible for paying for the medical costs of the other driver. With bodily injury coverage, this coverage helps to pay for the other party’s medical expenses and loss of income as a result of an accident.

Property Damage Liability

If you are in an accident where you have damaged another person’s property, you’ll want this type of liability coverage to help cover the costs of any repairs to the said property.


In accidents where your vehicle is damaged by another vehicle or object, collision helps to pay for any damages stemming from the accident. For new car owners and leased vehicle owners, this type of coverage is mandatory. In fact, even though it may be optional in your case, it’s highly recommended that you consider it.


Designed to help pay for damage to your vehicle from instances out of your control, such as fire, theft, vandalism, or acts of nature, comprehensive coverage is highly recommended. This is particularly true if you have recently purchased a new vehicle.

Personal Injury

If you or your passengers are injured in a car accident, this type of coverage pays for all of the medical care required after the accident. This coverage kicks in regardless of who is found at-fault.

Medical Payments

This type of coverage is an additional buffer with your personal injury coverage, as it helps to pay for extra medical expenses for you and your passengers.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

Ideal for accidents with another driver who lacks insurance or is not insured at all, this coverage pays for any costs that the other driver is unable to pay for.

Benefits of Gainsco Auto Insurance Policies

Overall, there are very few advantages to Gainsco Auto Insurance, especially if you were to ask their current and past policyholders. The main advantages you might encounter include:

Affordable Rates

As this provider only works with basic coverage, you can guarantee their rates are going to be far less expensive than with other providers. This may be beneficial for customers who are known to be high-risk, or who may have traffic infractions on their record. As high-risk insurance is very expensive, being able to save on your premiums can be quite beneficial.

Simple and Straightforward Coverage

If there’s one thing to be said about the basic offerings from this company, it’s that they make it simple to create your policy. You won’t have to worry about dealing with a ton of add-ons that are only going to increase the cost of your premiums. Instead, everything is relatively straightforward and easy.

Online Services

In the past, the Gainsco Auto Insurance had very few online services; however, today, you can pay your premiums and file a claim entirely online, regardless if you are a policyholder or not. Also, once you have filed, you can use the My Gainsco service to track your claim 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Cons of Gainsco Auto Insurance Policies

Unfortunately, most of the policyholders working with Gainsco have more negative things to say than positive. The most notable complaints include:

Poor Claims Processing

Even though the company makes it simple enough to submit a claim online, waiting for a claim to be resolved can be a painstakingly long process. If you’re looking for an insurance provider that will resolve accidents and give you your payout quickly, it’s better to opt for an alternative provider.

Poor Customer Service

If you’re someone who frequently has questions or concerns that need to be addressed by your insurance provider, Gainsco isn’t the best company to choose. Their customer service associates have been said to be unhelpful, rude, and difficult to get in contact with.

Even after obtaining a contact name and phone number, many policyholders have had to chase down insurance agents to assist them.

Minimum Offerings

Compared to most other insurance providers, Gainsco has very little to choose from in terms of building your policy. There may be several types of coverage options you might want that aren’t offered through this company, such as luxury vehicle insurance. If you know you have specific needs, you’ll surely want to consider signing with a different provider.

Limited Information

Doing your research on the company’s website will prove to be less than fruitful, as there is very limited information for you to look over. However, this is common with most basic coverage insurance providers.

If you want more information about prospective policies, you will have to contact an insurance agent to get assistance.

Gainsco Auto Insurance Reviews: Final Thoughts

More often than not, Gainsco Auto Insurance reviews are negative because of their poor customer service and lack of coverage options.

With that said, if you are a driver with a clean record, it is highly recommended that you opt for an alternative provider with more positive reviews. In doing so, you will be able to build a customized policy elsewhere to keep you protected while on the road.


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