Good to Go Auto Insurance Review

good to go auto insurance reviews

A common theme among Good to Go Auto Insurance reviews is that the company has plenty to offer for traditional and high-risk drivers.

If you’re searching for affordable insurance that also offers flexible payment plans, this could be one of the providers to keep an eye out for.

Overall, their customer service rating is below average, but if savings are what you’re looking for, then this is a great provider to consider.

About Good to Go Auto Insurance

Also known as Good2Go, Good to Go Auto Insurance has over 25 years of experience in the industry.

They are also one of the few smaller insurance companies that have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau, which is where you can find plenty of information about customer complaints.

Their main philosophy is that every driver deserves to have affordable insurance, regardless of their driving history, which is what helps them to establish affordable policies for high-risk drivers.

Unlike other insurance providers that offer you insurance direct, Good to Go Auto Insurance works with specific underwriters.

With that said, if you sign up for one of their policies, you may be a customer of Progressive, The General, Bankers Independent, or any other provider they work with.

This process enables the company to give you the best possible rates from some of the country’s top insurance providers.

Online Quote

By far, one of the most useful things about looking for insurance is being able to have online quotes so that you can compare costs with other providers.

Fortunately, Good to Go also has an online quoting system that takes less than a minute to give you an idea of what your premiums will be.

The only step you have to take is to enter your zip code and the required information to receive a quote.

What makes their quoting system interesting is that it also compares their rates to other insurance companies in your area.

So, once you fill out how many cars you’d like to insure, the make and model of each vehicle, and other pertinent information, you can see comparable quotes from several different providers.

The Pros

Before signing up for a specific policy, you should always review the advantages of a particular company.

A few of the most notable benefits of working with Good to Go Auto Insurance include:

1. Many Underwriters

Compared to other insurance companies that may work with one or two underwriters, Good to Go helps to make sure every customer has a customized policy.

They have several underwriters under their wing, which include Progressive, The General, Omni, Personal Service, Titan, and American Independent.

As earlier mentioned, the more underwriters an insurance company has, the more competitive their rates will be.

2. Discounts

There’s no point in choosing an insurance company that doesn’t have discounts, especially since the majority of them do.

Similar to the other providers you’ve considered, Good to Go offers the most standard discounts, though they can help you to save a good chunk off of your insurance premiums.

A few examples of their most popular discounts include:

  • Homeowner
  • Newly Married
  • Vehicle Safety
  • Senior
  • Student
  • Low Mileage
  • Multiple Vehicle
  • Automatic Payments
  • Electrical Vehicle
  • Full Payments

What Customers Think of Good to Go

The consensus with Good to Go is that customers are incredibly frustrated with their poor customer service and lack of communication.

As a policyholder, it can be challenging to get in touch with an insurance agent who can then direct you to the appropriate source to answer questions.

Many individuals have also found that having their claims processed will take substantially longer than with any other insurance company they’ve been with in the past.

The issues policyholders have are shared with individuals who have been in an accident with Good to Go customers.

Getting in touch with adjusters and insurance agents is relatively impossible, primarily if you are found not-at-fault.

Frequently, drivers may find it can take a few months before the damage to a vehicle or property has been assessed and repaired.

Who Will Benefit the Most from Good to Go Auto Insurance

High-risk drivers are surely the demographic that will benefit the most from this insurance company, as they specialize in insuring individuals with spotty driving records.

With that said, as a safe driver, you may want to consider an alternative provider for lower rates, as your premiums may be higher to offset the costs of insuring high-risk individuals.

Whether you need SR-22 filing or if you’ve been in a previous accident before, you have a higher likelihood of finding affordable insurance through this company.

Students may also be able to benefit, as more significant providers typically target them due to their inexperience with driving.

You may be able to find lesser rates as a student, uniquely if you qualify for the young driver discounts, which can help you to save a certain percentage off of your premiums.

Many drivers with poor credit histories will also find better policies with all of the coverage they need with this company than with others.

Things to Think About

The following points are highly crucial for prospective policyholders to take under advisement before signing up for a policy with Good to Go Auto Insurance.

1. Spotty Customer Service

As you can likely tell, this insurance company doesn’t have a stellar history with its customers, which is the first thing to think about.

The staff’s unresponsiveness is unprofessional and challenging to deal with, especially as a policyholder.

You can spend days trying to track down your insurance agent, only to be stuck playing phone-tag.

2. Financial Uncertainty

The financial uncertainty of an insurance company determines the likelihood of having your claims paid after an accident.

It may also determine whether you experience a drop in coverage randomly if the company declares bankruptcy.

Considering Good to Go received a C+ rating from A.M.’s Best, their financial outlook is rather weak.

There are some underwriters they work with that might boost the average to a “B”, but for the most part, their underwriters aren’t the best on the market.

How to Contact Good to Go Auto Insurance

If you need to get in touch with Good to Go Auto Insurance, it’s best if you call their customer service number at 1-888-303-3430.

Also, people interested in getting a quote, but would prefer to do so over the phone can contact 1-855-646-4661.

If you are an existing policyholder, you will need to contact the underwriter that holds your policy, for example, Infinity Insurance or Plymouth Rock Assurance.

All of the contact information for the underwriters that Good to Go work with can be accessed easily.

Good to Go Auto Insurance Reviews: Final Thoughts

One thing to be said about Good to Go Auto Insurance reviews is that they seemingly have affordable policies for high-risk drivers.

Even though their customer service performs below average, if you’re searching for competitive rates and you have a poor driving history, this is a provider to consider.


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