Jupiter Auto Insurance Reviews: The Pros and Cons

Jupiter Auto Insurance Reviews- The Pros and Cons

Jupiter Auto Insurance is one of the many insurance companies to choose from if you live in select states in the United States. With the ability to ensure you are financially covered in the event of an accident, your insurance policy will prove to be invaluable.

The importance of reading reliable Jupiter Auto Insurance reviews is unmatched, especially for a regular driver. Known mostly for their affordable policies, they are a great option for drivers who want to save on their annual insurance premiums.

About Jupiter Auto Insurance

Jupiter Auto Insurance is one of the many insurance providers operating in the Southeastern United States. Drivers in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas are able to sign up for one of their policies.

Since the company was established in 2005, they are a relatively new insurance provider created by leaders who have been in the insurance industry since 1977. With that said, the premise behind the company, as well as its policies, have decades of experience behind them.

By analyzing the current trends in auto insurance, this insurance provider is able to provide drivers with some of the more affordable prices on the market.

Jupiter Auto Insurance Coverage Options

Jupiter is one of the few insurance companies that specialize solely in auto insurance for both personal and commercial use. They offer a wide variety of auto insurance coverage options, including:

  • Family Auto Insurance

If you have more than one driver in your household, you can opt for one of their family auto insurance policies. Similar to other providers, the more people you have on a policy, the more savings you may be eligible for.

  • SR22 Insurance

In the event that you are dealing with a suspended license and you need to file an SR22, Jupiter Auto Insurance will submit your forms for you and ensure you have a policy that meets state minimums.

  • High-Risk Driver Insurance

Another type of insurance they offer is high-risk driver insurance. This helps to make sure that even if you are declared high risk, you can likely find an affordable policy to work with.

  • State Minimum Insurance

If you’re in the market for insurance that meets the legal requirements without going above and beyond, you’ll be glad to know you can receive comprehensive coverage, collision, property damage, personal injury, and other types of coverage as well. By working with your insurance agent, you can ensure you meet the requirements for all drivers in your specific state.

Benefits of Jupiter Auto Insurance Policies

When you look into Jupiter Auto Insurance, you’ll find that most of the customer reviews are positive, which is rather unheard of for a smaller insurance company. Some of the most notable benefits you’re sure to receive include:

  • Online Applications

Having the ability to apply for insurance online makes the process much simpler, especially if you’re switching from one provider to another. With Jupiter Auto Insurance, you have the ability to submit your application online as well as manage your policy through their website. Alternatively, you can choose to apply over the phone and receive all necessary documents instantly.

  • Online Quotes

As you can apply for insurance online, you can opt to get a quote online as well. When comparing different policies, this is an incredibly convenient resource to have as you can receive a quote for your needed insurance in just one to two days. This is ideal for clients who may be interested in switching providers or finding their first insurance policy as a new driver.

  • Competitive Pricing

By far, the most promising advantage of Jupiter Auto Insurance is that they have competitive pricing for most types of drivers; this includes young drivers and those with a clean record. The rates for high-risk drivers are likely to be more expensive than the average policy. However, this is similar to all other insurance companies.

  • 24/7 Claim Submission

A useful technology you’ll be able to use to your advantage is the QuickClaim portal that is available online. If you need to submit a claim, you can easily log into your account and submit the forms 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Positive Customer Ratings

When you’re choosing an insurance company, the opinions of other drivers will be invaluable in helping you to make your final decision. More often than not, reviews about Jupiter Auto Insurance are popular. In addition, they have maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Cons of Jupiter Auto Insurance Policies

Even with the top-tier insurance providers, you’re likely to find some disadvantages to take note of. Although Jupiter Auto Insurance offers plenty of coverage options at competitive prices, it’s best to know the negatives about the company as well.

The most talked-about cons of this insurance company include:

  • Limited Coverage

Unfortunately, all drivers throughout the United States aren’t able to sign up for a policy with Jupiter Auto Insurance. As they only offer their services to select states, only certain drivers will be able to benefit from their services. In addition, there doesn’t seem to be any acknowledgment pertaining to expanding their coverage area in the future.

  • Hidden Cancellation Charges

It is highly important that when you sign up for an insurance policy, you read the fine print if you intend on canceling your policy before it’s time for renewal. This is because customers have noted that upon attempting to cancel their policy, there were hidden fees brought to their attention.

  • Customer Service Concerns

Overall, as a client with Jupiter Auto Insurance, customer reviews are positive. Though, those who are in accidents with Jupiter-insured drivers aren’t as pleased.

Getting in touch with a claim handler is incredibly difficult, and at times, you could wait up to a month for correspondence. Also note that getting answers from a claim handler over the phone is tough, as they are quite vague with their explanations.

Jupiter Auto Insurance Reviews: Final Thoughts

Overall, when researching Jupiter Auto Insurance reviews, you’ll find that they seem to be an insurance company that puts the customer first. In addition, they have plenty of coverage options ranging from your state’s minimum requirements to high risk and SR22 insurance.

With above-average ratings for customer service as well as affordable policies for numerous types of drivers, they give the impression that they are one of the better insurance agencies to choose.

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