Old Republic Auto Insurance Review

old republic auto insurance

This Old Republic Auto Insurance review will be quite useful for individuals who need specialty auto insurance, such as GAP insurance, auto warranties, or windshield coverage.

Compared to most standard insurance providers, you’ll find that the type of insurance they offer is best suited for insurers and auto dealers alike.

With a business that operates in over 50 states, their special packages assist you with maintaining the quality of your vehicle, mainly if you have recently financed one.

About Old Republic

Also known as ORIAS, Old Republic Insured Automotive Services has a diverse list of products that will appeal to vehicle manufacturers and automobile dealers alike.

All of the packages they have to offer will assist with GAP plans for consumer auto loans as well as vehicle service contracts.

The central premise behind the company is to provide reliability and value for long-term partnerships with its clients.

They have an abundance of individual insurance policies that might be of interest to their customer base, apart from the general auto warranties and GAP coverage, such as theft protection, tire and wheel protection, and windshield protection.

Old Republic Auto Insurance Quote Online

It appears to be that the best way to get in contact with Old Republic is to call their general information line at (800) 331-3780, as you will get in touch with an independent agent who can explain their policies in more detail.

They don’t have a direct online quote system, although you can use this contact us page to submit an inquiry using the online form.

Alternatively, you can also get in touch with their team at via email.

The Pros

The main advantage of Old Republic is that they have specialty coverage that you might not be able to find through other traditional insurance providers.

Also, they work exclusively with businesses to provide this type of insurance to drivers.

You’ll find their auto warranty policies apply to both new or pre-owned vehicles, helping to cover the majority of insured drivers.

It’s also useful that they have GAP coverage, as well, since this is a mandatory type of coverage for clients who have recently financed a new vehicle.

With this policy, you will be able to cover most if not all of the financial gap between the cash value of your car and the amount remaining on your loan.

Without this coverage, drivers wouldn’t be able to take their vehicles off the lot.

Overall, all of the specialty insurance packages that Old Republic has to offer are very well laid out and easy to understand.

They help to cover the areas of your vehicle that standard insurance providers won’t, so you can always ensure you have full coverage in any situation where your car may incur damage.

What Customers Think of Old Republic

Since this company works directly with auto dealerships, customers won’t be able to get in touch with Old Republic directly to get status updates to their repairs or payouts.

Unfortunately, this means that drivers will have to reach out to the dealership to obtain any information, which can make the process substantially longer.

Also, there are plenty of insured drivers who have noted their GAP coverage is significantly less than what they expect, stating that they still needed to pay thousands of dollars to their loan after a total loss.

Another issue that drivers have had with this company is the type of parts they use when doing repairs, as they are unlikely to use OEM parts.

For many drivers, this is a red flag since not using OEM parts can lead to further issues down the road.

Who Will Benefit the Most from Old Republic

Vehicle dealerships are bound to benefit from Old Republic since they provide GAP coverage for newly financed vehicles; however, drivers will also be able to benefit from the coverage they offer.

If you find your car insurance doesn’t cover everything that you want or need, you can opt to receive additional coverage through this company.

With that said, some customers have noted the quality of repairs could be less than what you would expect from other body shops in their area.

Fortunately, it doesn’t matter whether you own a newly financed, leased, or pre-owned vehicle, you may be eligible to receive coverage through their specialty programs.

As long as you are buying a car off the lot of a partnered dealership, Old Republic will be able to help.

Things to Think About

The main things you’ll want to think about with this insurance company pertains to the information provided by their customers.

There are plenty of websites that have both positive and negative reviews, though the negative points are the most troubling.

With customers complaining about lackluster payouts in their GAP coverage, you could be responsible for paying off more of your auto loan than you had expected.

Also, when you bring your vehicle to a repair shop or dealership for repairs, you expect a high quality of workmanship to restore your vehicle to a like-new condition.

Unfortunately, Old Republic cannot guarantee the quality of parts used to repair your car, which means you are very unlikely to have access to OEM parts for any repairs.

You may also find their customer service is quite challenging to get in touch with, and you might have to reach out multiple times across multiple platforms.

Overall, the ones who will get the most out of what they have to offer are dealerships and insurance companies.

You have to talk to an associate to get information about their coverages, as their website lacks all of the critical information you need, leaving you with unanswered questions.

How to Contact Old Republic

Getting in contact with Old Republic Auto Insurance is more complicated than you would expect, although their primary methods of communication are recommended for dealerships and insurers.

Your best chance of getting a response from a customer service agent is to use their online contact form or their email at

They also have a phone number for general inquiries, (800) 331-3780.

Final Thoughts

The main point to this Old Republic Auto Insurance review is to make a note of the unique packages the company offers to dealerships and insurers, but that their customer service is lacking in all of the areas needed the most.

As an insured driver, you may find better options from local insurance agencies than to opt for this type of specialty GAP coverage.


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