Safe Auto Insurance Review

safe auto insurance reviews

Safe Auto Insurance reviews may vary, depending on where you look, since some drivers love their policy options and ease of use, while others are less-than-impressed with their customer service.

As a current or prospective driver, you should always be on the hunt for the best car insurance your money can buy.

With the perfect level of coverage, you’ll never have to worry about being in an accident with another driver or with personal property, which is ideal for your whole family.

Luckily, Safe Auto Insurance has plenty of options for safe, student, senior, and even high-risk drivers to make sure they are comfortably insured.

About Safe Auto Insurance

The most exciting thing about their business model is that they offer non-traditional insurance options.

These options ensure drivers meet the state minimums, rather than having an abundance of coverage that they don’t need.

If you find you want to add anything else to your policy, you can do so, but all of their necessary policies cover state-level requirements.

Currently, Safe Auto Insurance is available in 17 states and is one of the most popular insurance companies among drivers who have spotty records.

You can quickly obtain SR-22 insurance, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, comprehensive, collision, personal injury protection, and roadside assistance.

Online Quote

Fortunately, getting a car insurance quote online with Safe Auto is one of the simplest things you can do.

Similar to other insurance providers, you input your zip code, fill out the information about your vehicles, and you’ll receive a quote within minutes.

If you’re interested in comparing quotes, you can always retrieve a previous one you’ve received on their website.

In the event they don’t provide coverage in your area, the website will direct you to other insurance providers in your area that could be comparable.

The Pros

When choosing one insurance company over another, you’ll want to make sure you are sufficiently covered regardless of what type of accident you are in.

Fortunately, Safe Auto has an assortment of advantages that you will love to take advantage of as a policyholder.

1. Flexible Payment Options

With the ability to customize the way you pay for your auto insurance, you can have better control over your policy.

Unlike other providers that require a checking account, Safe Auto also accepts Western Union and MoneyGram.

As a bonus, policyholders paying for their policy at signing can save on the total cost of their premiums.

You may also qualify to save on a six- or a 12-month policy if you put 33% down at the time of signing.

For a driver searching for the least expensive car insurance, you’ll want to take advantage of as many discounts as possible.

2. Specialty Insurance

For car owners, you’ll benefit from the necessary auto insurance policies this company has to offer, but they also carry specialty insurance for other areas of your life.

As an example, you can also sign up for a homeowner’s insurance policy, motorcycle insurance, health insurance, and renters insurance.

You can conveniently bundle up the things you need into one account, and you may also be eligible for bundling discounts, depending on the available promotions at your time of signing.

3. High-Risk Driver Support

You can find multiple insurance companies that have policies for high-risk drivers, though it can be challenging to find a company that will treat you like their other insured parties.

With Safe Auto Insurance, since they specialize in drivers with less-than-perfect records, you can get the treatment you deserve, regardless of your driving history.

With the addition of their SR-22 insurance, you can finally have your freedom back after losing your coverage with another company.

Drivers with poor credit scores and DWIs will also have the ability to get insurance, even if they find it challenging to work with other providers.

What Customers Think of Safe Auto Insurance

Unfortunately, customers have had pretty poor experiences with Safe Auto Insurance, whether as a policyholder or a prospective customer.

Getting in contact with an insurance agent can be difficult, and if you do happen to talk to an associate, they may be rude and condescending.

Many customers have also suggested their customer service team lacks empathy while processing a claim.

Another huge issue that you may have as a policyholder is getting your claim processed within a reasonable timeframe.

Plenty of insured drivers have found it took several months before obtaining a resolution from a car accident where they weren’t at fault.

During this time, there was no communication between them and Safe Auto, which made the process feel even longer.

Overall, the consensus is that Safe Auto doesn’t have the best customer service team, but they do have plenty of insurance options for drivers.

Who Will Benefit the Most

Based on the information you can find on their website, it’s easy to see how high-risk drivers are likely to benefit the most from Safe Auto.

However, they have a vast collection of insurance products that can be useful for all types of policyholders, whether you have a clean driving record or not.

There is little information about the discounts they have available, though it is likely you could save a percentage off your premiums if you maintain an accident-free record.

Insurance companies that offer competitive rates for high-risk drivers are typically fantastic options for students, as well.

Even if you are the safest student driver in the world, you may be subjected to substantially higher premiums due to your lack of driving experience and age.

Fortunately, Safe Auto has plenty of support for high-risk drivers so that you can take advantage of competitive rates.

Things to Think About

Apart from their spotty customer service, there are a couple of things to think about with Safe Auto Insurance, including:

1. Phone Claims Only

If you prefer to handle your insurance policy online, including submitting claims, you will want to consider signing with an alternative provider.

At this time, Safe Auto Insurance only allows drivers to submit a claim through their telephone service, which can be quite a long experience.

2. Confusing Bundling Discounts

It’s easy to assume that you may save a certain percentage off your car insurance if you hold other insurance products with Safe; however, this information is not clear.

While inquiring about potential insurance options for you and your family, be sure to ask about any discounts you might be eligible for.

If you are already obtaining competitive rates compared to other providers, adding on discounts will only make your premiums better.

How to Contact Safe Auto Insurance

Getting in touch with Safe Auto Insurance is easier than you’d think, especially since most of their processes are only available via telephone.

You can contact the provider at 1-800-SAFEAUTO, or you can also email their customer support team at

If there are any other inquiries you may have, we recommend visiting their contact page for all of the support emails and phone numbers you will need.

Safe Auto Insurance Reviews: Final Thoughts

Competitive premiums are the most considerable advantage that Safe has over its competitors, especially when you look at Safe Auto Insurance reviews.

Although their customer service performs well under the industry standard, the prices you may see in your quote could be some of the least expensive ones you receive.

This point is particularly true for high-risk drivers, such as students and individuals with accidents on their record.


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