The General Auto Insurance Reviews

The General Auto Insurance Reviews

The General Auto Insurance is a trusted United States insurance company that was founded in 1963 and is based out of Nashville, Tennessee. It is a fantastic coverage option for people who are in need of insurance coverage but might have found it difficult to get coverage as a result of their poor driving history.

It’s quite often for individuals to be unable to qualify for affordable insurance, or any insurance at all, as a result of a poor driving record. Fortunately, The General car insurance is dedicated to finding ways to help as many drivers as possible so they can easily get from point A to point B.

There are also plenty of different types of insurance that you can get from them, which is why it’s important for you to take The General Auto Insurance reviews into serious consideration. Ranging from state minimum liability to make sure you’re covered for an affordable cost to comprehensive coverage, there’s something for everyone, even if you have been denied coverage by other insurance companies.

The General Auto Insurance Quote Online

The General auto insurance quotes are fast and free with no commitment. The General automobile insurance services can offer an affordable car insurance quote. Once a quote is given online, you can purchase your auto insurance policy and quickly receive proof of insurance.


The Pros of The General Auto Insurance

There are three advantages to opting for The General Auto Insurance for people who decide to choose them for their policies. These include:

  • Ideal for Drivers with Poor Driving Records

If you’ve found that you’re unable to get insured from other companies as a result of a spotty driving record, then you’re in luck. The General Insurance specializes with drivers with special circumstances. This may also be advantageous if you’re subjected to paying a higher car insurance rate as a result of a poor driving accident.

  • Provides Insurance for Uninsurable Drivers

Similar to giving insurance to people with spotty driving records, The General Insurance will also likely provide insurance to people who are deemed uninsurable. This means that they could be the only option for people who need access to a vehicle.

What Customers Think of The General Auto Insurance Coverage

In order to get a strong understanding of whether this insurance company is the right one for you, you’re going to need to take The General Auto Insurance reviews from customers into account. Collected from a variety of submitted reviews and complaints submitted by policyholders, the most pressing concerns about The General include:

  • Slow Claim Processing

As an issue that most insurance companies encounter at one point or another, The General is known for having incredibly slow processing times. They also have the tendency to dispute the amounts claimed by their policyholders in the event of an accident.

You’ll find that complaints that have been confirmed by the NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners) will go into detail about unsatisfactory offers and delays pertaining to the claim process.

  • High Monthly Premiums

It’s important to remember that The General Auto Insurance typically works with customers who are classified as at-risk or uninsurable. As a result, their premiums are going to be higher than with other insurance companies.

Customers found that not only are their premiums high, but this car insurance company also offers poor value for the price. This means that you’ll get less in your package for more.

  • Poor Service

The third and final problem that you might encounter as a policyholder is poor customer service, especially if you are at-fault in an incident. Aside from the amount of time that it takes to file a claim, it can also take a sufficient amount of time to get the claim process started. This is another complaint that has been confirmed by the NAIC.

Who Will Benefit the Most from The General Auto Insurance?

As a company that is known for helping people who find it difficult to get insurance, it’s important to know the specifics before you use The General Auto Insurance reviews to help find the right insurance policy for your needs. The vast majority of people who visit their offices or website have encountered issues such as multiple tickets, accidents, or reckless driving incidents that were put on their records.

In many cases, their everyday consumer is the type of person who would have to make a choice between giving up driving forever and driving illegally. With that being said, this isn’t the type of insurance company that will swoop in and will protect you from being unable to drive without a cost.

Similar to other companies that help to support people with poor credit or poor driving history, you can guarantee that you’ll be faced with inflated premiums every month. You can also expect being subjected to slow claim processing times and slow payments after getting your claim through.

Things to Think About

There have been plenty of concerns that have been brought to the attention of the public in regards to how The General works with their policyholders, which are things to think about before you decide to sign up for one of their policies. The most pressing things to remember include:

  • Poorly Processed Refunds

In the event that you are faced with a canceled or transferred policy and are entitled to a refund, customers have noted that The General Auto Insurance has delayed their refund or only paid a partial amount of the total refund.

  • Constant Policy Changes

You will always need to stay on your toes and review your policy to see if any changes have been made unannounced. You might experience a few revisions or increases that were never brought to your attention until your most recent bill.

  • Unauthorized Policy Additions

Another large concern that customers noted was that The General would make additions to their policy without their consent. For example, if you give information about individuals in your household who are about to be the legal driving age and have access to your vehicle, the insurance company might add them to your plan without consent.

The General Auto Insurance Reviews: Final Thoughts

In most cases, The General Auto Insurance is the only choice that some drivers have in terms of making sure that they can legally and safely operate a motor vehicle with the protection they need as a driver. With that being said, they are not known for their fast claim processing rates or their superior customer service.

However, they are also one of the only choices for those with a spotty driving record or people who have been previously noted as uninsurable. With higher premiums than most other insurance companies and poor value for the price, they’re not the most recommended company for car insurance coverage among consumers.

Permanent General Companies is a subsidiary of PGC Holdings, which was acquired by American Family Mutual Insurance Company in December 2012. In January 2013 Permanent General rebranded under The General name. Source:

In 2012, The General was acquired by American Family Insurance; The General brand still remains a separate brand.


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