Wawanesa Auto Insurance Reviews

Wawanesa Auto Insurance Reviews

Wawanesa Auto Insurance reviews are mostly positive, which is a good sign for individuals looking for a reputable auto insurance company. It is also one of the few insurance providers that have a presence in both Canada and the United States.

With plenty of coverage options to consider, this insurance provider is a reliable choice for most drivers. Will it be enough for you, though? Let’s find out.

About Wawanesa Auto Insurance

Wawanesa Auto Insurance was established in 1896 by a group of farmers. The insurance company was finally incorporated in 1929. Its executive offices are based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, but there are plenty of other offices across North America.

They’re not one of the most popular insurance companies in the continent, but they are known for helping you to get the most for your claims.

If you’re the type of driver who prefers to sign with small insurance providers that have a strong outlook and strong finances, this is a great company to consider. They also have an assortment of insurance products and highly competitive rates when compared to larger names in the industry.

Wawanesa Auto Insurance Coverage Options

Getting the right type of coverage is essential for beginner and experienced drivers alike. There isn’t much information about the type of coverage you can get from this  provider, as it differs from client to client. The best way to get an idea of their coverage is to speak with a broker on their team.

With that said, it’s easy to assume that they are likely to carry similar coverage options as most other insurance providers. These options include:

  • Liability Coverage

Designed to protect you in an accident where you are found at fault, liability coverage is a necessity. It helps to pay for damages to property as well as for bodily injury.

  • Comprehensive Coverage

In the event that your vehicle is damaged by theft, vandalism, fire, flooding, or natural disasters, you’ll want to have comprehensive coverage. It will cover out-of-pocket costs when added to your policy.

  • Collision Coverage

Collision is also highly recommended as it assists with additional expenses from an accident where you are at fault. This may include car repairs, additional medical bills, and more.

  • Under and Uninsured Motorist Coverage

In an accident where the other driver is uninsured or underinsured, this type of coverage helps to cover accident-related costs. With this, you won’t have to pay for anything out of your own pocket if the other driver doesn’t have the finances to do so.

Benefits of Wawanesa Auto Insurance Policies

By far, the largest strength that Wawanesa Auto Insurance has is the fact that it can offer drivers numerous discounts simply for signing up for one of their policies. Compared to other providers, you may find that your insurance premiums will be substantially lower.

More specifically, the benefits of Wawanesa Auto Insurance include:

  • Mature Drivers Discounts

If you are over the age of 50, you’ll automatically receive a discount, as you have more experience on the roads than younger drivers. This is highly beneficial as most other insurance providers will typically increase rates for older drivers because they are considered to be a higher risk.

  • Policy Bundling

This is a relatively common discount that you’ll find from other insurance companies. The more policies you bundle together, the more you’re likely to save on your auto insurance.

As Wawanesa Auto Insurance has plenty of other insurance products, including home, commercial business, and farm coverage, bundling your policies together can help you to save more.

  • Good Driving Histories

As with any company, the cleaner your driving history is, the more discounts you’ll be eligible for. Wawanesa has a good drivers discount as well as claims-free discounts for people who have had traffic citations but no accidents on their record. However, if you are also ticket-free, you can receive additional discounts for this.

  • Multi-Vehicle Discounts

Perfect for families with more than one vehicle that needs to be insured, multi-vehicle discounts are huge savings to reap the benefits of. The more vehicles you insure under your plan, the larger your discount will be.

  • Claims Service Guarantees

When you need to have your vehicle repaired, your insurance provider will give you a list of recommended contractors and repair shops to visit. Wawanesa is one of the few insurance providers that guarantees the workmanship done to your vehicle, as well as the repair shops they recommend you visit.

  • Simple Application

When you’re signing up for an insurance policy, you’ll find the process is substantially simpler than you may have imagined. They have a very strong focus on positive customer experiences as well as maintaining healthy relationships with brokers. There are plenty of resources they can use to give you a high-quality customer service experience.

Cons of Wawanesa Auto Insurance Policies

Even though there are plenty of advantages to consider, every insurance company has its faults. Wawanesa Auto Insurance’s largest disadvantages include:

  • Poorly Designed Claims Process

The largest issue that clients have had with this insurance company is how difficult the claims process is.

When dealing with an accident, the last thing you will want to have to do is chase down a representative to help you. Unfortunately, Wawanesa has the tendency to only communicate via email and will take a long time to process claims.

  • Poor Customer Service

If you’re someone who likes to have the ins and outs of your policy explained to you, this may not be the right provider to choose. Many of their insurance agents are quick on the phone and will avoid having to explain the finer details of your policy.

If you have any questions, it can be difficult to receive a fast and knowledgeable response.

  • Constant Premium Increases

Another issue that many customers noted is a constant increase in their premiums over the years. According to the clients, these increases occurred against their knowledge, and with little or no explanation. You may be likely to find more competitive rates if this is something you encounter.

Wawanesa Auto Insurance Reviews: Final Thoughts

For an insurance company that takes pride in ensuring their customers are well taken care of, the Wawanesa Auto Insurance reviews from customers are rather negative.

Nonetheless, they do have a reliable number of coverage options for you to choose from and numerous discounts. Every driver will likely be able to save on their insurance premiums, especially if you bundle your policies together or have multiple vehicles to insure.

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