Wawanesa Auto Insurance Review

wawanesa auto insurance reviews
wawanesa auto insurance Reviews

Wawanesa Auto Insurance reviews are mostly positive amongst policyholders and prospective customers alike.

As one of the few insurance providers that operate in both Canada and the USA, they have flexible coverage options for all types of drivers.

Due to their mostly positive ratings, you can guarantee they are one of the more reputable providers on the market, which is ideal for first-time drivers.

About Wawanesa Auto Insurance

This provider was established in 1896 with the help of a group of farmers, and Wawanesa was incorporated in 1929.

You’ll find its executive offices in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, though they do have offices in Oregon and California, as well.

Although they are a smaller sized provider, their reputation precedes them, as they are known to help their policyholders get the most out of every claim.

Online Quote

After you have reviewed everything Wawanesa has to offer, you might be interested in obtaining an online quote.

Fortunately, they do have an online service that can show you the reasonable rates you should be eligible for.

However, not every driver is suitable to sign with them, as they do have a couple of requirements.

To obtain an online quote, you must have your license for at least three years and have one or less at-fault accidents in the last three years.

If you can appease their criteria, you can fill out the online form to receive your quote.

Alternatively, you can contact an agent at 1-877-WAWANESA to get more information about a potential policy.

The Pros

The advantages of signing with Wawanesa are quite similar to the benefits you’d find with most other insurance companies, as they don’t have any policies that are outside of the norm.

A few of the most notable benefits to their operations include:

1. Discounts for Mature Drivers

Most often, insurance companies penalize mature drivers similarly to how they penalize young drivers.

Wawanesa Auto Insurance, on the other hand, has discounts for the elderly that can help you to afford your premiums better.

Drivers over the age of 50 will automatically receive an age-based discount without needing to meet any specific regulations.

2. Claims Service Guarantee

After an accident, your insurance provider will give you a list of mechanics and repair shops covered by your policy.

At times, this can be frustrating since drivers believe not having their own choice compromises the quality of work done to their vehicle.

Luckily, this insurance company provides a claims service guarantee that ensures the work done to your vehicle is at or above industry standard.

3. Policy Bundling

Aside from Wawanesa’s discounts, such as a multi-vehicle discount, you can also take advantage of their policy bundling.

If you are looking for more than one type of insurance, you can bundle your farm coverage, commercial business insurance, and homeowners’ policies to receive a substantial discount.

4. Easy Application Process

Instead of allocating hours of your day to signing up for an insurance policy, Wawanesa Auto Insurance helps to streamline the process, so it’s simpler and more efficient.

When you have decided they are the company you want to sign with, you will be connected to a professional agent who will guide you through the process.

Alternatively, you can opt for an in-person meeting to discuss the ins and outs of your prospective policy face-to-face.

The majority of customer service representatives employed by this company are top tier and quite knowledgeable about the different policies and add-ons they offer.

With their help, you can create a customized insurance policy that fits your every need and gives you peace of mind.

What Customers Think of Wawanesa Auto Insurance

You’ll find most customers have mixed experiences with Wawanesa Auto Insurance, as many of their insured enjoy speaking to their customer service team.

If you are in an accident with someone insured with this company, though, getting the information and help you need will be more complicated than you anticipated.

One of the most commonly agreed upon advantages, however, is that the agents and adjusters work to get you the most accurate claims possible.

Competitive rates seem to be a broad subject of debate among policyholders, as well, since some note that they have the cheapest car insurance they’ve ever had while others say the opposite.

Many clients have stated their premiums have sharply increased over the years without any explanation of why.

Although this practice is common among many insurance companies, it can quickly transform affordable insurance into expensive coverage.

Who Will Benefit the Most

There isn’t a specific demographic that will benefit the most from Wawanesa Auto Insurance, as they aren’t a specialty provider.

Overall, they seem to offer reasonable rates and comprehensive packages for all types of drivers, whether you have years of experience or have recently obtained your license.

With that said, it might be challenging to get a quote from the company if you have recent severe infractions on your record.

Things to Think About

Apart from spotty customer service reviews and the regular premium increases, there are a couple of other things to think about before signing up for a policy with Wawanesa Auto Insurance.

1. Poor Claims Process

If you’ve had to file a claim before, you know that the longer it takes, the more of a financial burden an accident will become.

Even though Wawanesa typically pays out a reasonable sum for claims, it can take a lot of time for the process to be completed.

Often, you may have to chase down an insurance agent to give you updates on any claims that you have filed, and it may take several months before it is resolved.

2. Poor Email Communication

Your best option for getting in contact with an agent is via telephone, as their online customer service team seems to be lacking significantly.

Various policyholders have claimed they have sent numerous emails about a single issue, but never receiving a response.

Others have claimed that customer service agents were rude, unknowledgeable, and lacking empathy via email in comparison to chatting on the phone.

How to Contact Wawanesa Auto Insurance

Policyholders and prospective clients can quickly get in touch with Wawanesa at 1-877-WAWANESA Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM, and Saturday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

Alternatively, you can reach out to your specific insurance agent via email, as the company does not advertise a general customer service email as a point of contact.

Wawanesa Auto Insurance Reviews: Final Thoughts

The Wawanesa Auto Insurance reviews we have found are somewhat mixed, as some clients are satisfied, while others are left wanting more.

Overall, their online customer service is poor, and the way the company handles claims processing is quite substandard.

On the other end of the spectrum, they typically pay out more than expected for most claims and have very competitive rates to consider.


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