Young American Auto Insurance

Young American Auto Insurance

Young American Auto Insurance is a small insurance provider designed to make insurance far more affordable. Compared to larger companies, you could qualify for insurance premiums as low as $20, depending on the policy you choose. If you’re a new young driver, you may be able to get insurance for a fraction of a traditional premium.

About Young American Insurance

Young American Insurance was developed by Rodney D. Young in 1952 as a means for high-risk drivers to get insurance similar to traditional policies. With this idea, he was able to develop policies that would benefit those with traffic infractions, DUI convictions, and even young drivers.

They began serving customers in the Texas area but have since broadened their horizons to Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, North Carolina, and Missouri. Today, Young American has been bought by Fred Loya and is a part of their wide variety of insurance-based services.

Coverage Options

Simplicity is the largest selling point for this insurance company, which makes them ideal for first-time drivers. You won’t have to worry about an overwhelming amount of add-ons, as your policy will contain the basic necessities. This also helps to keep the premiums low enough to where they are affordable for all drivers.

The main coverage types available include:

  • Liability Coverage: This helps to protect you from paying for medical expenses if you are at-fault in an accident. Additionally, any damages to surrounding property as a result of an accident you are at-fault for will be covered.
  • Collision: Similar to property damage, collision is ideal for any damages caused by an accident to vehicles or property.
  • Comprehensive: With comprehensive coverage, you’ll be covered for all non-accident damages which may include animals, fire, theft, and vandalism.
  • Personal Injury Protection: PIP is useful for an accident where you experience lost wages, require caregiver services, or need financial assistance for funerals.
  • Medical Payments: As an added layer of protection against out-of-pocket costs, medical payment coverage helps to offer additional financial assistance beyond what is covered by your medical insurance.
  • Rental Reimbursement: If you experience a car accident where your vehicle needs to be repaired, you can rent a vehicle and have the costs reimbursed by your insurance provider.

Benefits of Young American Car Insurance Policies

There are a few benefits to choosing Young American Insurance, especially if you’re looking for fantastic rates for traditional insurance plans. Some of the most notable advantages include:

1. Online Payments

Instead of having to mail in a check or visiting an in-person location, you can easily use the company’s online portal to pay your premiums. The process is incredibly user-friendly and convenient to use at any point in time.

2. Inexpensive Options

When it comes time for you to decide what you want to have in your policy, you’ll have far more options to choose from as all of their coverage is affordable. With the help of one of their trusted agents, you can develop a personalized insurance policy which covers all bases.

You will also find that even if you are a high-risk driver, you’re very likely to have inexpensive premiums. On average, prospective policyholders can obtain insurance for as low as $19 or $20 monthly.

3. Discounts

According to Young American Insurance, there are many discounts you’ll be able to get your hands on once you use their online quote system. By inputting your zip code and the type of insurance you are interested in, you can see the personalized discounts you’re eligible to receive. A couple of examples of their available discounts are as follows:

  • Multi-Vehicle: If you decide to add a second or third vehicle to your policy, you can save up to 20% off of your premiums.
  • Insurance Bundling: There is a high probability you can save even more on your auto insurance if you bundle your home insurance and auto insurance policies together.

Cons of Young American Car Insurance Policies

Even the best insurance companies on the market will have negative customer reviews. As Young American is a relatively small insurance company, there are mixed reviews amongst policyholders. A couple of the most prevalent issues include:

1. Poor Follow-Through

Some customers have experienced an insufficient follow-through experience with the company when in need. For example, being unable to get in touch with an insurance agent when in need of towing or roadside assistance. Customers have also noted that it’s difficult to receive regular updates about important issues pertaining to their insurance.

2. Frequent Claim Denials

It’s common for insurance companies to deny some claims, depending on their basis. With that said, Young American has been known to deny many different types of claims, even for standard issues such as replacing a windshield. If you’re the type of person that expects to receive the attention and care necessary after an accident, this may not be the right company to choose.

3. Long Claim Processing Times

In the event you are able to get your claim approved by the insurance provider, it will likely take substantially longer than with competing providers. On average, customers waited up to three months in order for a claim to go through. Depending on your personal situation, this may be one of the main reasons to opt for a larger insurance company.

4. Poor Availability

Unfortunately, although they have incredibly low rates, Young American is only available in seven states. If you are looking for insurance that has low-cost policies and you live out of their coverage area, you’ll have to choose an alternate provider.

Young American Auto Insurance: Final Thoughts

The most positive thing you’ll learn from Young American Auto Insurance reviews is that they have some of the most inexpensive premiums in the country. It’s highly likely you’ll have competitive rates no matter if you are a new driver, a mature driver, or someone with a poor driving history. This is what makes it incredibly popular for individuals living on a strict budget.

However, with their poor customer service, limited coverage area, and slow processing times, you may be better served by opting for a larger insurance company. It’s highly important you compare several different quotes from notable insurance providers before settling on Young American Insurance.

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