Anchor General Auto Insurance Review

anchor general auto insurance review

With this Anchor General Auto Insurance review, you’re likely to find basic insurance for non-standard drivers.

In comparison to other providers, this specialized insurance underwriter works with drivers with less-than-perfect records that may be uninsurable elsewhere.

Instead of having to deal with the headache of trying to get insured with incredibly high rates, you may be able to find more affordable ones at Anchor General.

About Anchor General

Based out of San Diego, Anchor General Auto Insurance is in the market to assist non-standard drivers with finding fair and reasonable insurance rates and policies that meet state minimum requirements.

Previously, they were known as Western Family Insurance Company, but have shifted their focus to assist customers with spotty driving records.

Considering it can be quite difficult for drivers with multiple traffic infractions, bad credit, or accidents on their records to get insured, they could be able to help.

Anchor General Quote Online

At this time, there isn’t an online quote system for Anchor General Auto Insurance, which isn’t rare for insurance providers that specialize in high-risk clients.

Often, you’ll find that drivers with spotty records have particular needs for coverage, such as SR-22 filing, and discussing your needs with an agent is the easiest method.

Although online quoting systems can be convenient for standard drivers, you will need to contact the company via phone at (800) 542-6246 to talk to an insurance agent.

The Pros

If you’re looking for basic car insurance and have a challenging record, you’ll be glad to know that you can find coverage with Anchor General.

They currently offer bodily injury liability, property damage liability, personal injury protection, under or uninsured motorist bodily injury, comprehensive, and collision coverage.

Most of these options are also available from the most common insurance providers in the market.

You’ll also like how Anchor General Auto Insurance not only provides insurance to high-risk drivers but even coverage that is more affordable than plenty of the competition.

Not only is it difficult to get insured with multiple accidents or infractions, if you can find insurance, but it can also be nearly double your original rates.

With companies such as this one, you have the opportunity to see more affordable policies that can assist you in maintaining your vehicular freedom.

Although you can’t obtain an online quote from this underwriter, there are plenty of other online services you can put to good use once you become a policyholder.

Customers can review their policies online as well as make payments online.

If you have ever been interested in a career in the insurance agency, they also have a section for you to take a look at their current openings.

What Customers Think of Anchor General

Unfortunately, customers have a lot of negative things to say about Anchor General, especially if you are ever in an accident with someone insured by the company.

The primary complaint from drivers is that their rates might not be as low as initially discussed, causing premiums to become more significant over time.

Many drivers have noted they had to wait years before seeing a decrease in the cost of their policies, and it was only after their infractions fell off their record.

Another disadvantage of the company is that they are quite limited by offering their policies within California, Arizona, Oregon, and Washington.

They have noted they intend on branching out across the USA, but there isn’t a specific date set for any expansion.

It’s also important to note that they are a minimal insurance provider with approximately 70 people on their staff.

Getting in touch with an insurance agent may be the most trying experience with Anchor General Auto Insurance, especially when compared to the larger insurance providers.

Since they have such a small staff, you may have to leave several messages before a representative returns your call.

Customers have also noted that their claim processing times are substantially longer than with other companies that also work with high-risk drivers.

Who Will Benefit the Most from Anchor General

The only demographic that will benefit from Anchor General are those who have less-than-perfect driving records, as it appears that is what they specialize in.

For example, if you have multiple driving violations or traffic accidents, you can find potential policies.

The company also offers SR-22 filing so that you can maintain your independence and freedom.

If you are a good driver with a clean record, you could be better off opting for an alternate provider that will have substantially lower rates based on your history.

Things to Think About

As with any insurance provider, there are multiple things you’ll want to think about before signing a policy, the first being the cost.

If you are searching for the lowest rates in your area, it is highly recommended you compare multiple quotes before deciding on Anchor General.

Also, if they give you a quote, you will want to keep it on file to ensure the rates don’t become more expensive at your time of signing.

You will also want to take their customer service into account, especially when it comes to processing claims.

Drivers who expect quick payouts for accidents will be quite disappointed since the company gained a reputation for taking their time with their client’s claims.

How to Contact Anchor General

If you have additional questions or would like to obtain a quote, you will need to call Anchor General at (800) 542-6246.

Customers also have the option of contacting the customer service department via email at

Anchor General Auto Insurance Review: Final Thoughts

Finding high-risk insurance can be quite a headache, primarily if you’re exposed to be challenging to insure with the bigger underwriters in your area.

If there’s one thing to take away from this Anchor General Auto Insurance review, it’s that you can find insurance, but at what cost?

Although they have many types of coverage for non-standard drivers, their rates could be higher than with other providers in your area, although they advertise their prices are fair and affordable.


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