Omni Car Insurance Reviews: The Pros and Cons

Omni Car Insurance Reviews- The Pros and Cons

Omni Car Insurance reviews have a mixture of both positive and negative aspects from current and past policyholders. With the offerings from Omni (now known as Good2Go), you’ll be able to get a robust policy from one of the highly recommended providers they work with.

There’s nothing more comforting than having a diverse insurance policy, especially as a driver who doesn’t want to pay for anything out of pocket. Is this the right insurance provider for you? Let’s find out.

About Omni Car Insurance

Omni Car Insurance was originally founded in 1986 in Atlanta, Georgia and operated as a subsidiary of American Independent Companies, Inc. for a total of 30 years. Today, they have been absorbed and rebranded under a single provider, Good2Go Auto Insurance.

With the help of Omni Car Insurance, you’re able to get an insurance policy that can either help you to meet state minimums or has higher coverage based on your personal desires. They are an insurance company that connects you to other providers, instead of offering their own policies, which is ideal for someone looking for a more in-depth and custom policy for the drivers in their family.

Omni Car Insurance Coverage Options

As mentioned, Omni Car Insurance no longer offers insurance policies of their own. Instead, branded under Good2Go, they work with other insurance companies in a non-biased manner to help you find the best policy at the lowest price.

According to their website, their specialty is offering minimum limits to drivers who are searching for insurance with low monthly payments. The most common coverage options you’ll be presented with include:

High-Risk Car Insurance

By far, the largest chunk of Omni’s client base is high-risk drivers, which makes them a great choice for individuals with prior traffic convictions such as DUIs. It’s very likely that when compared to larger insurance companies, you’ll have more affordable premiums that help you to meet state minimums.


This type of coverage helps to cover the costs of damage to your vehicle in an accident, whether it’s with another driver, a guardrail, or even a building. It is designed to help pay for vehicle repairs or to replace your car entirely if it is declared a total loss.


Liability coverage is required by all of the 15 states Omni Car Insurance covers, and it is needed to pay for items the other party suffers as a result of your at-fault accident. The only time you may be able to avoid liability coverage is if you can prove you can pay for state minimums out of pocket.

Bodily Injury

Bodily injury helps to deal with the medical costs the other driver suffers as a result of an accident where you are found at fault. It may also help with paying for physical therapy, work time lost, legal representation, funeral costs, and more.


Comprehensive coverage is highly recommended for any type of loss you may experience, as long as it’s not as a result of an accident. You might consider this type of coverage to pay for damage from severe weather, vandalism, or theft.

Personal Injury Protection

Also known as PIP, personal injury protection is another form of insurance that is likely mandatory. It will cover approximately 80% of medical expenses for you, your passengers, or anyone who is authorized to drive your vehicle.


Though there is very limited information on the Omni Car Insurance’s website pertaining to the coverage options they offer, it’s likely that your policy may also include:

  • Underinsured Motorist Coverage
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage
  • Gap Insurance
  • Rental Car Reimbursement
  • Towing and Roadside Assistance

Benefits of Omni Car Insurance Policies

There are few important benefits to signing up for a policy with this provider, including:

Accessible Claim Services

There are a few methods you can use to submit a claim, depending on what you are most comfortable with. It’s highly recommended you use the telephone option, as it is likely to be the most convenient and fastest method.

Additionally, drivers can opt to contact the claims department via email, mail, or fax.

Accessible Online Portal

Once you become a policyholder, you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of the online portal. When you log into your account, you can review and manage your policy as well as put through your monthly payments.

Online Quotes

If you’re simply comparing quotes from several different insurance companies, you’ll love the fact that you can submit your information online to obtain a quote. It’s likely once your information is submitted, you will be contacted by a representative to discuss your insurance needs more thoroughly.

Non-Standard Insurance

It’s clear that Omni Car Insurance is designed to benefit non-standard drivers the most, though you’ll also be able to find inexpensive rates as a standard driver. You can expect non-standard premiums to be higher than standard ones, but they’re likely to be far less expensive than with bigger providers.


As with most other insurance companies, there will surely be ways for standard and non-standard drivers to save on their policies. The three most popular discounts listed by Omni Car Insurance are Good Student, Good Driver, and Defensive Driving discounts. It’s highly likely you’ll also be able to save on premiums if you have multiple vehicles assigned to the same account.

Cons of Omni Car Insurance Policies

Some of the most notable disadvantages of owning a policy with Omni Car Insurance include:

Lack of Online Information

For drivers who are looking for insurance, you’ll find there is very little information on the company’s website to give you an idea of the insurance they offer. You’ll have to contact one of their insurance agents in an effort to figure out what types of coverage they have available.

Varying Customer Experiences

Due to the fact that policies from Omni (Good2Go) are underwritten by an assortment of other insurance companies, there’s no guarantee that you’ll have a positive customer service experience. Your experience will solely depend on the subsidiary company that writes the policy.

Omni Car Insurance Reviews: Final Thoughts

Most of the Omni Car Insurance reviews have become more positive over the years, especially once the company was combined into Good2Go. With the ability to work with an assortment of insurance companies, you’ll be able to find the least expensive rates for your personal situation.

If you’re a high-risk driver searching for affordable insurance, this is one of the better providers to consider.

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