Kemper Auto Insurance Review

kemper auto insurance reviews

Kemper Auto Insurance reviews can help you determine whether this provider has the coverage you need or not.

With personal and commercial auto insurance, there are numerous add-ons and policy options that you can choose for a more customized experience.

Many have found their online site is simple to navigate and gives you all of the information you need as a prospective client.

About Kemper Auto Insurance

Kemper is the type of auto insurance company that has multiple ways for you to save on your insurance, as well as lower rates than some of the big-name brands on the market.

They also have agents in over 26 states, which is substantially more than smaller providers that may operate in ten or less.

If there’s one thing that their customers can agree on, it’s that they have extensive policies with affordable rates.

With over six million policies and 30,000 agents and brokers, you can guarantee you’ll have a personal agent to help you with your insurance.

Kemper also deals with home, life, valuable, and health insurance, which is perfect for someone looking for an all-in-one policy with policy bundling discounts.

Another interesting fact about this insurance provider is that they have over $12 billion in assets, which proves they have a significantly positive financial outlook.

Online Quote

Obtaining an online quote is very simple when you begin comparing different insurance companies.

All you have to do is provide necessary information about how many cars you want to insure and the number of people you’d like to add to the policy.

Even if Kemper doesn’t operate in your state, they will provide you with a list of alternative insurance companies that have equally as competitive rates.

The Pros

As with any insurance company, there are plenty of advantages you’ll want to consider if you’re inquiring about a policy.

A few of the best benefits of Kemper Auto Insurance include:

1. Multiple Add-on Packages

Instead of picking and choosing individual types of coverage, you also have the opportunity to select from one of three packages this provider has to offer.

  • Protect Your Wallet: With the Protect Your Wallet package, you will receive more affordable rates and essential add-ons, which include accident forgiveness and renewal assistance.
  • Protect Your Sanity: This package is slightly more costly but gives you the peace of mind you need with roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement, and trip interruption.
  • Protect Your Family: As the most comprehensive package for everyone in your vehicle, the add-ons you’ll receive will include pet protection, dependent protection, and enhanced car seat replacement.

2. Discounts

For the budget-conscious drivers, you will want to opt for an insurance provider that has plenty of discounts you may be eligible for.

Kemper has several to consider, such as anti-theft, married drivers, policy bundling, and mature driver discounts.

When you are inquiring about a policy, ensure you discuss all of your details with your insurance agent to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

3. Online Conveniences

Perfect for drivers who prefer to manage their policy online, you’ll be glad to know the process is quite streamlined with Kemper.

You can apply for a quote online, sign up for a policy online, and also manage your system through their website.

As an added benefit, customers can file a claim online and use the repair shop finder to locate an auto body shop in their immediate area.

What Customers Think of Kemper Auto Insurance

Customers of Kemper agree that several improvements could be made in regards to their claims processing and customer service.

Numerous policyholders have stated that after an accident, it can take several months for a claim to be approved and paid, which can cause financial difficulty.

There have also been vital instances where customers have received compensation, but it was well below the agreed-upon amount.

If your car needs repair, you may also encounter difficulties with the customer service from this provider.

Your vehicle may not get worked on immediately, which can leave you without transportation unless you have chosen to add rental car reimbursement to your policy.

Complaints about the quality of the work performed by the repair shops that Kemper works with at the moment are also notable.

Who Will Benefit the Most

Drivers looking for the most comprehensive insurance possible will benefit the most from Kemper insurance, as the more you add to your policy, the more likely you are to qualify for discounts.

Also, safe drivers will be able to find substantially lower rates than with other top tier providers in their area.

With the help of the three add-on packages, you can ensure that you are covered for every possible circumstance you may encounter.

They also have standard and preferred auto packages, which can cover you in the event your vehicle is a total loss regardless if you own it or lease it.

High-risk drivers may also be able to get auto insurance if other providers turned them down.

Kemper Auto Insurance provides nonstandard coverage for a wide variety of drivers, although your premiums may be higher than those of standard drivers.

Things to Think About

Every policyholder seemingly has a different experience with Kemper, depending on their driving history.

A couple of notable things to think about before signing up for a policy include:

1. Vehicle Eligibility

If you are the owner of a luxury vehicle, you can guarantee your insurance rates will be substantially higher (up to 50%) than with alternative providers.

You may also find that specific vehicle makes, such as Ferrari or Maserati, are not eligible to receive insurance from Kemper.

2. Lacking Customer Service

Even though signing up for a policy is simple enough, once you become a client, you may experience a different side of their customer service.

If you have several questions, the agents may become unhelpful and difficult to reach.

However, if you can manage all aspects of your policy online, you may be able to avoid this issue.

How to Contact Kemper Auto Insurance

There are numerous ways to get in contact with Kemper Auto Insurance, whether it’s by email, over the phone, or by mail.

For email, you visit their contact page and fill out the form with your information and your inquiry.

Reaching an agent by telephone can be done via 1-800-456-0448, and if you need to process a claim, you will need to contact 1-888-253-7834.

Kemper Auto Insurance Reviews: Final Thoughts

Our final thoughts on Kemper Auto Insurance reviews is that they have plenty of add-ons and insurance options but are severely lacking in customer service once you become a policyholder.

Drivers searching for the least expensive rates are bound to benefit the most from their offerings, especially nonstandard drivers who can’t find insurance elsewhere.

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