Security National Auto Insurance Review

security national auto insurance review

If you’re looking for a Security National Auto Insurance review, you’re likely to find plenty of information about Bristol West Auto Insurance since they are a part of the company.

Instead of offering insurance policies under the name Security National, they were combined into Bristol West to provide more comprehensive packages.

However, this insurance provider is not to be confused with TD Insurance, which also has a different Security National Insurance for drivers in Canada.

About Security National

Security National, now known as Bristol West, offers plenty of insurance options for high-risk drivers.

The first parent company for this underwriter is Farmers Insurance, which is one of the ten most popular insurance companies across the USA.

Foremost Auto Insurance, another company under Farmers, was also combined into Bristol West.

Although they have policies for high-risk drivers, they also have multiple options for drivers with good records.

They are one of the few insurance lenders that tries to offer fair and affordable rates for all of their drivers, especially those who are slightly more difficult to insure.

Security National Quote Online

Getting all of the information you need to determine if Security National is the right auto insurance company for you is simple, thanks to their online quote system.

All you have to do is visit the Bristol West homepage, and you’ll find the fields where you must input the type of insurance you want and your zip code.

Once you submit that information, you will be brought to a page where you will fill out further information, such as the make and model of your vehicle.

Depending on your criteria and your expectations for a well-rounded insurance policy, you can then take your quote to compare to other insurance providers in your area.

An alternative to using the online form is to contact them via phone at (855) 929-2609.

The Pros

There are a few advantages to having a policy with Security National Auto Insurance, especially if you’re looking for a lot of options in terms of building your plan.

Like many other providers, this company understands that every driver has their individual specific needs and no two drivers are the same.

You can sort through many comprehensive and optional coverage options to make sure you’re building the best policy for you.

Another benefit to Bristol West or Security National is that you can file a claim online 24/7, giving you all of the access you need to handle an accident as quickly as possible.

Many clients have found that online claim submission is far more convenient, especially if you’re in an accident outside of regular business hours.

Fortunately, there are plenty of other online features that you can use, including viewing and managing your policy.

Drivers who require special services, such as SR-22 and FR-22 options, will appreciate that Security National also handles these tasks for them.

Instead of trying to figure out how to get insured with more significant underwriters who have heftier rates, you can find specialized insurance at a more affordable cost.

Also, they are known to have a substantially lower down payment option when compared to other insurers in this niche market.

What Customers Think of Security National

One of the most common trends you will find among insurance company reviews is that many of the negative ones are from drivers who are in an accident with someone insured with the company.

However, there is a mix of both types of negative reviews when it comes to Security National, as they appear to have a less-than-convenient methodology for handling clients.

As a policyholder, you may be subjected to long wait times before getting in touch with an insurance agent.

Another concern that customers have had with the company is that their online quoting system may be unavailable, forcing them to have to call the company and wait on hold before getting in touch with an agent.

Also, receiving a quote may take longer than expected, especially when compared to other insurance providers.

You must allocate at least two hours to getting a quote over the phone.

In terms of positive reviews, customers have noted that Security National was the only insurance company that offered more than necessary policies for non-standard drivers.

You can take advantage of different add-ons, much like standard drivers, and still have an affordable insurance policy.

There aren’t very many complaints about the cost of insurance premiums at their time of signing.

Who Will Benefit the Most from Security National

Most drivers can benefit from Security National or Bristol West, whether they are non-standard or have a clean driving history.

Since the company offers policies to both types of drivers, you’re likely to find comprehensive packages that meet your needs.

Some drivers have also noted that in accidents where they are not at fault, they received a very reasonable settlement to help with the costs of the accident.

Things to Think About

Customer service seems to be the primary area of concern for current policyholders since there are some delays when it comes to getting in touch with an agent or receiving a quote.

This issue could be concerning for drivers who have recently switched from an insurance provider who had the same lack of customer care.

Some policyholders have also noted that their insurance agents weren’t readily willing to assist them with filing a claim over the phone, as they have the online services.

Another thing to remember is that Security National is also known for increasing premiums over the years, especially if your insurance lapses.

Drivers have noted increases as high as 20%, so when discussing a potential policy, make sure you confirm any penalties you could be subjected to while being a client.

How to Contact Security National

There are two ways for you to contact Security National Auto Insurance, either by mail or by phone.

If you need to make a bill payment or contact customer service, you can call 1-888-888-0080.

Instead of using their online claims service, you can contact 1-800-274-7865 to process an application during business hours.

Security National Auto Insurance Review: Final Thoughts

Finding a Security National Auto Insurance review can help you to find insurance as a standard or non-standard driver.

With plenty of policy options and add-ons for more comprehensive coverage, you can customize your protection regardless of driving history.

Although they lack in customer service, their basic rates may be the most affordable for your needs.


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