Young American Auto Insurance Review

young american auto insurance

Young American Auto Insurance allows drivers to have basic coverage for an affordable cost.

This point is particularly crucial for new drivers and students, who are typically targeted by insurance companies due to their age.

Their company policy states that every driver deserves to have coverage, even when classified as nonstandard, you’re likely to find systems to cover your every need.

About Young American Insurance

Purchased by Fred Loya Insurance in 2012, along with other affiliates, Young American became one of the more fruitful insurance companies for hard-to-insure drivers.

One of their most significant benefits is that they don’t hold prospective clients to the same strict standards as other providers, which can make it incredibly simple to be accepted.

Additionally, they have built their business model to offer flexible payment methods and low premiums.

Online Quote

Fortunately, getting a quote online with Young American is as simple as with some of the largest insurance companies in the nation.

All you have to do is input your zip code and then follow the prompts on the next page.

The information you will have to provide is standard, which includes the make and model of your vehicle, the number of cars you want to insure, and other fundamental questions.

Once this process has been completed, you will then be provided with a quote, or an independent insurance agent will contact you.

For customers who would prefer to talk to an agent instead of using the online form, you can call their quoting service at 1-855-602-7724.

The Pros

Aside from their competitive rates and offerings to nonstandard and high-risk drivers, a few other benefits of Young American include:

1. Basic Coverage

For many drivers, there’s no need to purchase add-ons that will only increase your premiums.

This insurance company offers basic options, which makes it far simpler to get the policy that you need.

You’ll be able to receive liability, collision, comprehensive, personal injury protection, medical payments, and rental reimbursement.

2. Flexible Payments

Paying for your insurance policy can be quite a hassle, primarily if you’ve never worked with an insurance company in the past.

To make the process simpler, this provider offers flexible payments that suit your needs and your schedule.

You can choose to pay your rates online, by mail, over the phone, or opt for automatic withdrawal.

It’s a good idea to ask your independent insurance agent about any discounts you might receive for opting into automatic withdrawals.

3. Multiple Discounts

On top of their already low rates, many drivers may be eligible to receive further discounts on their policy.

A couple of examples include multi-vehicle discounts with savings of up to 20% and insurance bundling when you have more than one policy.

According to Young American, every driver is different and will be applicable for various discounts.

When you enquire about a potential policy, the insurance agent will give you an idea of the many ways you might be able to save.

What Customers Think of Young American Insurance

Attention and care are the two most significant gripes customers have with this insurance company, especially as they have below-average customer service.

Some drivers have noted that straightforward claims, such as windshield replacement, have been denied, causing drivers to pay out of pocket.

With that said, you must ensure your policy has all of the required coverage to make sure you are entitled to reimbursement.

Policyholders have also noted that getting pertinent information about their policy has been more difficult than it should have.

Contacting an insurance agent can take longer than expected, and you may have to wait for your call to be returned.

Who Will Benefit the Most

It appears to be that high-risk and young drivers will see the most benefits from Young American Insurance.

Whether you need SR-22 filing or if you’re a senior driver, you are likely to find the most competitive rates on the market.

Also, students will be able to qualify for a couple of discounts to make their inexpensive insurance rates even lower.

Overall, this insurance company is the one to choose if you are working on a tight budget but still need the required insurance in your state.

Things to Think About

Affordability is the most considerable advantage to Young American car insurance, but there are also a couple of things to think about before you sign a policy.

1. Claims Processing

When you are in an accident, the last thing you’ll want to deal with is a long time for your claim to be processed.

Unfortunately, Young American is known to have quite long processing times in terms of accepting and reimbursing claims.

Clients have had to call their insurance agents numerous times to get updates on their claims over three or more months.

2. Claim Denials

Another issue you might experience is frequent claim denials, especially for smaller problems such as windshield replacements.

For clients who want the attention and care they deserve, you may be better off opting for a larger insurance company with a better customer service team.

Otherwise, you may be forced to wait long periods for your claim to be processed and then inevitably have it denied.

3. Possible Limited Discounts

Young American suggests that they keep their potential discounts private, as every driver is different; however, this could indicate that there are limited discounts to receive.

If you’re accident-free, for example, it can be beneficial to be rewarded for your safe driving.

It’s best to confirm any possible savings before you sign up for a policy.

How to Contact Young American Insurance

The only way to contact Young American is to place a call into their customer service team at 1-877-483-4228.

Alternatively, you can contact an independent insurance agent once you have completed the online quote process.

Unfortunately, they do not have an email address or online contact method at this time.

Young American Auto Insurance: Final Thoughts

Young American Auto Insurance is a fantastic option for high-risk drivers searching for low-cost, basic insurance rates.

There is little information about additional discounts for safe drivers, but you are likely to find the cheapest insurance in your area with this provider.

With a secure online quote system, you can enter minimal details to get an idea of what your rates will be like with the coverage you desire.

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