Elephant Auto Insurance Review

elephant auto insurance reviews

For a relatively small insurance provider, most Elephant Auto Insurance reviews agree that the company’s most extensive offering is the number of discounts they have.

With many ways to save that are comparable to some of the top-tier providers in North America, Elephant may be the key for drivers looking for inexpensive insurance.

Today, we’ll delve deeper into what Elephant Auto Insurance has to offer and whether or not it’s the right choice for you.

About Elephant Auto Insurance

Elephant Insurance was established in 2009 with its headquarters located in Richmond, Virginia.

As an Admiral Group plc subsidiary, it has a pretty stable outlook when compared to other small providers.

Their parent company is an FTSE 100 company and also has over six million customers across the world.

With a motto of putting the customer first, the policies they offer have been picked and explored by their customers.

Compared to other providers, this company listens to the feedback of its policyholders and is continually making changes so that obtaining the right car insurance is easier than you’d think.

They also have an extensive range of products, including auto insurance, motorcycle insurance, renters insurance, homeowners insurance, umbrella insurance, and life insurance.

Elephant Auto Insurance Quote Online

As mentioned, the majority of the processes with this insurance provider are convenient for the consumer, as is obtaining an online quote.

By visiting their quote page, you input your zip code and a small amount of information to get an idea of what your premiums could be.

An added benefit of opting for an online quote is that you can save up to 12% on your policy if you decide to sign with one of their agents.

If you live in an area where Elephant does not cover, they will provide you with a list of other reputable insurance companies that do cover your area.

Also, you’ll love how you can leave a quote, compare it with another company, and then retrieve your same quote at a later date without needing to resubmit your information.

The Pros

You can expect to get every type of coverage you could need from this provider, which is one of their most considerable benefits.

Regardless if you want the standards, collision, comprehensive, roadside assistance, and rental reimbursement, or more in-depth policies, the option is yours.

A few of the other notable advantages of Elephant include:

1. Legal Assistance

Have you ever been in an accident where legal help has been required, and you didn’t know where to turn?

By adding a five-dollar-per-month feature to your policy, you can have access to legal fee payments associated with family law, estate planning, and traffic charges.

This feature can be quite beneficial as more car accidents require the assistance of legal teams nowadays.

2. Deductible Reduction

This benefit is something for safe drivers to make a note of since it’s a substantial way to cut back on your policy.

Available to those with collision coverage, you’ll have $100 deducted from your policy at signing and an additional $100 for each year that you are accident-free.

These savings will reach up to $500, and even if you get into an accident, the deductible doesn’t reset.

3. Numerous Discounts

Every driver should keep an eye out for savings when signing up for a policy, and Elephant has plenty of options for you if you are eligible.

Several of their most popular discounts include:

  • Multi-car
  • Safety and anti-theft
  • Homeowners
  • Policy bundling
  • Online quotes
  • Responsible drivers
  • Paid-in-full
  • Good student
  • E-signature
  • Paperless
  • Early bird
  • Senior discounts

What Customers Think

There are varying opinions in regards to Elephant and their insurance agents, as well as adjusters.

Some customers experienced rude insurance agents who weren’t interested in answering their questions over the phone, whereas other policyholders suggest their customer service is fantastic.

Many also say that the number of times they had to reach out to an agent in regards to a claim is more than they would have expected.

With that said, multiple policyholders have concluded that signing up for insurance with this company was more straightforward than they ever expected.

At the time of signing, they fully understood their policies as well as the premiums they were responsible for.

There is also a strong customer service presence from Elephant on review sites.

These representatives encourage dissatisfied customers to contact them so that they can help resolve any issues.

Who Will Benefit

If you’re in the market for insurance from a company that listens to their policyholders, this could be one of the better ones to consider.

With a relatively positive rating from most sites, policyholders are impressed with their willingness to answer questions and process necessary claims quickly.

You may also benefit significantly from Elephant if you can qualify for one of their numerous discounts.

One of the most distinguishing things about this provider is that they also offer savings to senior drivers.

If you are over the age of 55 and have completed a defensive driver’s course, you will have the opportunity to save on your premiums.

It can be refreshing for senior drivers to have access to the same general discounts as a student and safe drivers.

Our recommendation to get the most from Elephant Auto Insurance is to take advantage of their multi-car discount.

If you have more than one insured person on your policy, you can save up to 26% on your premiums.

Things to Think About

There aren’t too many harmful elements to this provider, especially since most of the complaints are from drivers who have been in accidents with Elephant-insured parties.

A few of the most notable things to think about include:

1. Limited Availability

For a company that has a substantial number of discounts and affordable rates, they are only available in six states.

Unfortunately, this can be quite a hassle if you want a competitive policy in comparison to the other insurance providers in your area.

Luckily, when you enter your zip code into the online quote form, it will immediately let you know whether or not Elephant is currently operating in your area.

2. Difficulty With Claims

Generally, policyholders don’t experience any problems with processing their claims, especially if they have very comprehensive coverage.

There are a few individuals who state that getting reimbursement takes longer than expected and may also be less than what was agreed upon initially.

You must take a second look at your policy before signing to ensure you have the right coverage for your needs.

How to Contact Elephant Auto Insurance

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to get in touch with Elephant either as a policyholder or a prospective customer.

On their website, you can sign into the MyPolicy portal to access your existing package and to get in contact with your insurance agent.

Another quick option for contacting customer service is to engage in their live chat option directly on the website.

All other inquiries can be directed to their telephone agents at 1-855-ELEPHANT, or if you want to contact a specific department, visit this contact page.

Elephant Auto Insurance Reviews: Final Thoughts

Choosing reliable insurance using Elephant Auto Insurance reviews is simple, as long as you want a company that listens to its policyholders.

With an ever-changing climate, Elephant has multiple discounts that the majority of their customers can put to good use, even senior drivers.

On average, their rates fall in-between low and high-tier insurance providers, helping to make them one of the more affordable providers on the market.


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